Monday, March 30, 2009

Visit to Stitching Corner - New Supplies!

Well I finally got out to my local stitching store this weekend for the first time since October. I was so awesome! My b/f took me out there... (it is about 20 mins away but on a sketchy highway just outside of the city so I don't drive it).
I got my fabric for the Papillion SAL (and now have to pick my colours). It is a copper dyed fabric (the pic doesn't do it justice, once I start working on it I will post a better one). The ocean coloured fabric is for a rubber duck pattern for a friends bathroom and the pink for a small by Just Nan called Summer spell.

I also got some new scissors. These are a third pair as I have so many projects on the go and hate when I can't find scissors... so one more pair for me to loose. lol.

I have to pick out my Papillion SAL colours sometime really soon (maybe this week) and of course keep on working on my other WIPs. Also I want to finish up the Frost on the Pumpkin beads and frame him. I will post a finish picture for him. Maybe even as early as the end of the week!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well it's friday which is always nice. Though sadly it's supposed to be miserable weather today and tomorrow which means likely I will not get out to my store to pick up my Castle in the Air SAL supplies. :(
But because of it likely we'll stay home more this weekend which does mean more stitching! It's just a tough call to decide which I'd rather more.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have a bunch of in progress photos to share with you all.
I work on about three projects at a time on average... a small one, an epic one and a standard one.
This time around because I need beading needles and have not gotten to the store yet I have an extra small one in the mix.

Let's start small.. here is the Just Nan "Frost on the Pumpkin" Completed all the stitching just need to attach the beads now. It's stitched on 30ct evenweave.

My other ornament is Dewdrop from Just Nan, this is stitched on evenweave 30ct over two.

This is my "standard piece" it's for my cousin who is due in June to have her first. So I'm hoping to have it completed and framed by then. I'm well on my way. It's by Bobbie G Designs.There is a train that goes below the baby and some more blocks, plus backstitch but most of the primary design is now in there. It's stitched on a 28ct linen (can't remember the kind... but I don't like it so will try to make sure I don't buy it again) it's just too flimsy.

And finally the epic piece. It's Judgement from the tarot series by Character Creations. It's over one on 25ct ivory evenweave. It's epic in so many ways. This is the first page and a half... so there is already over a thousand stitches on it and you can barely tell! My uncle has asked me to stitch this for him, he kindly bought all the supplies and has challenged me to complete it in about two years. I'm praying... but not confident that that is possible.
This photo is not the greatest... it's heard to photograph the stitches when they are so small!

Thanks for dropping by. I'm gonna try and upload new pics of items every week to ten days. (that is about how often I can convince my man to take them for me likely).

Saturday I am hopefully getting to my local store (haven't been able to get there in months because of snow) so I am excited to pick up supplies for some new projects. Including the Papillion SAL. I think I am going to do this one.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Try this again...

Okay I'm going to try this whole blogging for stitching thing again.
I love reading and seeing what everyone else is working on in the cross stitch world. So again I will attempt to have my own blog.
Perhaps it will be easier now as my man, that I live with, has a great camera to take photos for me. Previously I think that was what was discouraging for me was getting photos dealt with. Also it hurt that I didn't stitch for quite awhile after my March car accident last year (that some of you may remember) I had just been getting into blogging that January. I am now going to try this again. And hopefully it goes better. The inspiration to stitch that I get from others is fantastic and I hope I can pass some of that one to others.
So anyways... look here soon for updates on my WIPS.
They include:
- Characters Creations - Judgement Tarot
- Barbara Smith Designs - Baby with train
- Freebie Pumpkin (can't remember the designer off the top of my head)