Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 finishes/2 wips (and a retreat)

It's been awhile, however that does mean I have some photos of stitchy stuff both in progress and completed to share.
Let's start with the biggie. This was our Guild stitching project for last year. I actually finished it awhile ago, but seem to have forgotten to post it. It's a Carolyn Mitchell pattern called "Pocket with a View". I changed the colours to orange/red/peach tones as I was not a fan of blues she used. Each member in our guild that did this project used different colours and it was amazing to see how different they all came out.
Check mine out:


My other finish is just a little ornament that I am going to finish to donate to a friends silent auction for an Xmas basket. I'm going to try and finish a few more (one you'll see as a WIP today) to donate as well. This one is on linen I think it's 28ct Mushroom (it was in stash) and the thread is Holly by Carrie's Threads. I love her threads and variegations. The pattern is from this year's Just Cross Stitch Magazine, ornament edition.

I also have two WIPs to share. The absolutely gorgeous Jeannette Douglass piece I am working on called "Time for Friends". I love all the stitches (okay except the queen stitch it was a pain) and the way it all looks is just great. Jeannette has a series of these you can check out. I used her thread pack that makes it much more affordable to use all the nice silks etc. I love her pattern and work so much that I already went and got a few more of hers (including Once Upon a Tree from JS Magazine) to do up even though I haven't finished this one!
This is on 32ct linen, sorry can't remember the colour, probably natural or something like that.

Lastly I have the an ornament from 2010 ornaments series #8, frosty flakes. I substitued the colours for some threads I have on hand. The background is 40 ct linen, I think it's called Mocha.

The last comments I have to make are more personal. I attended a retreat this past weekend (same as last year) and it was so disappointing. Many things were just not right for me, plus then there was more bad news as the weekend progresses. Out of respect to people involved I will not divulge any details but let's just say it made stitching a bit sour for me this weekend. So now this week I'm hunkering down when I can to try and get some stitching done that I had hoped to get done at the retreat.

However, in an effort to feel awesome about stitching again and be reminded that I have lots of stitchy friends (really supportive ones here at home that have been awesome) and of course all of you my online friends I am going to host a giveaway on the next post. I will not promise when as I'm so bad at making those deadlines (and have to not make up stupid deadines that cause stress)... however it is coming, watch for it!
Thanks for reading this far. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ornament finish and new start

I have been stitching tons as always. Set up a few new projects including Swan Song by Nene Thomas designed by HAED. Another epic piece (like I needed more). Lol.

However I have s finish to share. A little ornament that will be part of a gift basket for a silent auction. It's on 32 ct blue spruce linen with #4 silver 001 silver Krenik. The pattern is from this years Just Cross Stitch magazine by Courtney Collection called Twinkle.

I have another new start. A gorgeous pattern from Jeannette Douglass called "Take Time for Friends". I love the varigations in this silk. Threads are from the pack that goes with this pattern. It's a 28 (I think) linen.

Overall I've been doing really well. Reclaiming my life, smiling and in less pain. It's a great feeling. Thanks to all of you who've been on this hard journey with me. It will never be perfect but really what is.
Happy stitching!

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