Sunday, February 21, 2010

I made some x's!

It is perhaps a sad thing when you are so excited to be coherent enough to make small x's in a piece of fabric. But that was me, last night and a bit tonight.
I worked on Stitch or Die last night, and it went well. Pic:

And then picked up Cheryl's Bouquet for my SAL today for a bit. Had to frog a bit as the pain meds are still playing with my head. But it was alright. Pic:

In other news, my parents, brother (who came in from out of town), uncle and his gal all came over for pizza and b-day cake for me. We watched the Canadians lose to the Americans in Olympic hockey. Sad. :(   But we're not out yet. Just made it alot harder for us to get to the finals.
Our pizza night was nice, and I'm glad they changed it to come to me as getting around is still a bit hard. But getting better.

I have a drs appt tomorrow just to check out the stabby sites and make sure they are okay. Hopefully goes well. (oh, and apparently it's my b-day. I'm been sooo caught up in surgery, recovery and just moving around and eating I keep forgetting.)
I am hoping to stitch a bit more tomorrow. I will (I hope) go back to work later in the week. We'll see how it goes and if I can drive or not.

Thank you all soooo much for your lovely comments on my recovery I appreciate every single one of them!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Home from Emergency Surgery

Well, as some of you know, and others do not. I got admitted for emergency gallbladder removal surgery late Monday night. I have been in the hospital all week. I am home now, and finally back online. So I am trying to catch up but I'll have to ask that you all be patient with me. I'm only about 60% back. And still quite sore. But alive and that is good.

No stitching so far, but maybe this weekend I can work on Stitch or Die, as it's easier and stuff. Still on pain meds so sometimes kinda loopy. But getting there.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Elfland Progress

Well no real change on the health front. I am still feeling like I'm dying, but don't want to go back to ER. So we are waiting for the Drs appt on Monday.
I am looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics tonight and then more Olympics and Daytona through the weekend. I'm gonna try and just take it easy and not aggravate everything. I'm still following the diet, though it kills me to eat food that tastes bland, but I'm managing I suppose.
Thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes. I will keep everyone posted here as to what is going on.

It was the HAED SAL for the Freebie charts last weekend. I forgot to take a pic until this morning. But here is my progress so far on Elfland. It's not a great pic. Sorry gotta ask the man to show me what I am doing wrong to see if I can get better pics.
I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. I know some of you are snowed in in the East and I do hope you're doing alright.
And again thank you for all your well wishes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stitch or Die... And a health update

So it's been a trying week. We spent Tuesday at ER because I had new problems on my right side, instead of just my left, and they felt way worse. I'm on a 48 hr watch, waiting to see if I get a fever to indicate an infection (it didn't appear that I had one at ER on tuesday). So far so good. *fingers crossed*
And I got an appt. with my family doc on Monday (even though it's a holiday here she is working). So here's hoping that some answers might materialize from there. I'm still hurting from what might be an ulcer on the left side, and now have new pain on the right... It's a mess really.

But the good news... I'm alive and breathing, so far. lol. I'm hurting but managing for now. I just hope this doesn't go on forever and they can do something to help soon. (also the diet they told me to do sucks, so I'd love to go back to eating real good and not just oatmeal and rice! okay there are more options than that, but not by much)

Alright... onto stitching. Needless to say stitching has been pretty sparse. I was glad that I started Stitch or Die on the weekend, cause it's an easy stitch and I don't have to think as hard. I did also work on Elfland for the HAED SAL but forgot to take a pic...will come tomorrow.
For now, here is Stitch or Die (I am not super happy with the coverage on it, but it's just for me in my little stash area, so I am not too concerned):


Thanks for all your past comments on Friday. I really appreciate all the wishes for good health. 
I am really hoping we get some answers soon and then out of that get some relief. It's just no fun to be in agony all the time, let me tell you that. But we'll get through. Cause there is not much choice in the matter. 
Also, huge kudos to my BF who sat through no sleep and 9 hours at ER. He was sooo great! And I just got tell you that I feel very very lucky to have him to help me out. 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Dragons Update - Almost a Page

As promised here is an update on dragons. I'm very close to finish this page. Hopefully within a week or two. So that is good. I want to make some serious progress on this piece this year as it's for my Uncle and I feel bad that he's waiting.

Here is the page I am working on (look you can see tips of wings and the orange/green in the scales!)

And here is the full piece to date. This pic doesn't have the greatest colour, but you get the idea: 


In other news... I may have an ulcer. Going to get some tests after seeing the doctor this morning in a few hours. And then start some meds. I have been having trouble taking in deep breaths for the past few weeks and stuff. So got it checked out. *sigh* 
It's crazy I don't get colds or flus (knock on wood) just other crazy weird things going on. 
I'm definitely ready to be not "sick" in anyway. My vertigo is annoying enough. But alas, that is not the way it is meant to be. 

This weekend... Go Saints! :)  (though I am sad that Super Bowl means football season is over, but Daytona in a few weeks so that is alright, and Olympics and NHL is starting to get fired up for playoffs). 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The BF's Photo Blog

I don't have stitchiness to share right now as it's been a busy week. But tonight I get some great time to sit down and stitch and it will be Dragons that I'm working on (you can see the tips of the wings, it's so exciting). So hopefully a new pic tomorrow of Dragons for you all.

In the meantime though, my dear BF has started a photo a day blog for 365 days. If you want to check it out it's at
There will be lots of photos I'm sure showing the scenery of our area and stuff.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post. I am hoping to start Stitch or Die on the weekend on that lovely fabric!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Stitch or Die Fabric & WIP Photos

Well it's Monday morning again. Weekends just fly by don't they?
Ours was an okay one. Had my quick gift trip out to my LNS, The Stitching Corner in Cochrane. Grabbed some gifts for some people and got the Fa La La ornament pattern.
Also, Evalina gave me this cute Stitch or Die pattern (check out her finish on her blog) so I grabbed some fabric for mine. Here it is, it's 28ct Jobelan hand-dyed:

This seems like a good time to once more plug the stitching weekend that Evalina and I are planning.  It's Stitching in midnight sun in Dawson City, Yukon. It will be July 2010 (weekend to be picked, but a later one in the month for sure). Drop me an email or comment if you are interested in join us. It's going to be a blast!

And onto the WIPs photos. Got some stitches into some projects (did work on dragons but have no pics of it). However here is some more work on Romantic Rose Garden:

And Elfland (the flash really blew this one out a bit, sorry):

This coming week we are pretty busy so not sure how much stitching I'll get in.
Thanks for visiting!  :)