Friday, November 29, 2013

A job!! - Stitch from Stash 2014 Idea

Well it's been a 4 week road, but I just finished my second week at a new job.
Thank you to everyone who commented and sent me their support during this transition time.
Ironically I think it will work out for the best, just like so many of you told me! :)

So what's the new job? 
It's for the Alberta government. I'm quite pleased to secure this position, it was at the top of my list. It has great benefits and flex days; however the pay is (of course) much lower than working directly in industry as I was before. But, we're working through that on the budget level and luckily we didn't purchase a home back in April that was at the brink of our affordability. Thank goodness!

So you wanna know what I really do all day? 
I sit at a computer and review energy applications for development and ask questions of applicants, submit closures (for incorrect info) and submit approvals to the "signatures" department. It's what I used to do but just on the other side, instead of making the applications I know approve them.
I think it's a great fit for me as it's a way less stressful environment, government jobs are often immune to layoffs when industry slows down, and I work overall less hours because of flex time and such.

I'm quite pleased to have obtained this job, but will also be starting a "stitch from stash" year in 2014 to make sure I try to keep the spending down.
I wonder if there is a group I can join like that or I should start my own?
Any thoughts??