Sunday, February 28, 2016

Medieval Hearts WIP

Less than a week until Nashville Market!!!
I'll be posting my purchase list next week for everyone. Or if it's too long my wishlist and purchase list. Lol. 

Medieval Hearts WIP
This is the  bottom motif (if we look at each arm as 1 of 4). The silk is stitched and the beginning of the Petite Treasure Braid. I gotta say Treasure Braid really is smoother than Krenik. I love the sparkling of Krenik but Treasure Braid sure does pull through smoother and doesn't tangle or spin as quick. 
The colours are over saturated on the photo on purpose so you can see the yellow of the fabric it's on. I'll strive for better colour photos next update. 

Coming Up
I have put some stitches in Alice but it's really not quite enough to bother sharing. But soon hopefully. 
And as above Nashville Market items, always an exciting time of year for any stitcher! :D 

Monday, February 8, 2016

New Starts - All from Stash!

Well I'm sitting in my stitching chair enjoying the sun that is coming in through the window. It's bizarre as it's usually very cold out this time of year; and instead it's gorgeous outside. Can't complain about that! :) 

I have started two new projects in the last couple weeks. Both are from my stash!!! (what I won't tell you is that I bought some stuff too... but shhh that's okay, lol) 

Start #1 - "Medieval Hearts" by Kelsyn
This project has been in my "to do" bin for years. I went looking for a smaller to medium sized project and saw this one. I have dozens (maybe even a hundred) things kitted up so I wanted to choose from them. I pulled out first five on top from one of three drawers they are stored in and this one caught my eye. Not a bad way to decide what to stitch next! 
It's on a gorgeous fabric; looks to be a 32ct linen, definitely hand-dyed. I'll be using PB-13 metallic by Rainbow Threads (as used in model) and a Waterlilies hand-dyed silk. It's not the one used in the photo so mine will have no blue and more browns. Crappy picture of the supplies to the right. 

Start #2 - "Moonlit Kitties" by Mill Hill (Bead & Button Series)
My obsession with these kits continues. They really are the best for just grabbing something and going with it for even 20 minutes. And they are portable! 
This one is a Halloween theme with some black kitties on it. Very cute, but mostly I love the colours and pumpkins! 
The first little pumpkin with no beads is shown in the pic to the left (again sorry for crappy photo). Along with the beginning of one of the main trees that frames the piece. 

It will look like this upon completion: 

Still working on two big projects. My 'epic' one is a Mini HAED "Alice in Clockwork" and second is a Mirabilia mermaid. Same one that Rahenna is working on right now actually. :) 

Speaking of Mirabilia; did you see the new witches added to the BeWitching Pixies set!?!? They are sooo pretty. I already have the orange one plus beads on it's way to me. Just couldn't help myself. LOL! 

Happy Stitching to everyone!