Monday, August 31, 2009

I was bad...

So I was bad... I saw that Karen at Wasatch Needlcraft has having a sale. so I thought I'd peruse it... and low and behold I got my hands on the Limited Edition Just Nan for a great deal!!
So it's on my way to me.
If you don't remember this one here is a pic:

I am very excited as this one was previously outside my ability to afford but with the sale I can!
There are LOTS of other great items on sale on her site. And I have ordered from her a few times with great service.
(no this endorsement is not paid for by her or anything, just want to share a great site with you all).

We also picked up some new storage items for my loose threads this past weekend... I think I will be putting them together tonight and will post pics when I am done. They are essentially nail/screw holders that I am converting into thread holders.
And WIP pics soon too!
Just had to share my excitement about Harmony for forgive me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A finished finish

I finally got a glue gun the other day so that I could finish my ornament and send it off for my ILCS Yahoo Group exchange.
I think it turned out okay... it's not perfect but not too embarrassing to send off (at least I hope not because its sent!). The one corner is not perfect... but I had sudden fray issues and it wouldn't tuck. so I had to make-do. I'll do better next time I hope!

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

Coming up: I will have updates in the next few days on my WIP including the ducky, Papillion SAL and Judgement Dragons.
As always thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally... Holiday Pictures

Sorry it has taken me so long to get organized with this. So the holiday that my B/F and I took a few weeks back... I finally have photos ready of it!
We traveled into British Columbia into the BC Rockies and then came home through Lake Louise through the Canadian Rockies (where my previous hike pictures are always from).
My grandparents are in BC and so that is where we stayed. It was so serene and peaceful out there. No internet, minimal phone usage. Just awesome!

Here are some photos of our trip:

The raspberry patch on my grandparents farm

Crescent Lake (this is actually just on the other side of the US border, so we were into the US for all of three hours that day. :)

There were some intense thunderstorms while we were there. My B/F got this great photo off the mountain ridge one night.

This is the river out back of my grandparents property. It's a treat because you can only access it if you own the property up to the river (which they do).

On the way home we spent one night in Golden at the B/F's Aunt's. These bighorn sheep were hanging out by the roadside at Roger's Pass.

This is Takakkawa Falls just outside of Lake Louise (we also stopped there for a nice lunch). Only about four hours from home now in the Canadian Rockies.

Those are the best of the photos. Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of my part of the world.

More stitching progress and such coming up near the end of the week.
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 14, 2009

An unexpected stash trip and finish!

Well I had an unexpected stash trip to my LNS store yesterday, as we were all given the day off because our internet/email had gone down and couldn't get fixed until Friday. I don't get paid for the day, but did get to do some stitching stuff.

So I was bad and picked up a few more things... (forgive me for some of the bad photos, my B/F wasn't feeling good last night so I took the photos myself, so as always when I take them they are not the greatest).

This awesome green hand-dyed fabric for my believe tree (and I am substituting the thread as well to this hand-dyed purple sorry names are at home and I can't remember)

This cute button-up pattern and some basic Cashel Linen Flax (30 ct) for it.

And the next pirate pattern that got released... pirate queen from Sue Hillis Designs.

I also worked on my Love Pirate for a bit. Here is my progress so far:

And finally.... MY FINISH!
I got the last of the backstitching on my witchy ornament. I still love this green handdyed from Weeks Dye Works. It's just too awesome!
Here it is:

So I need to go on a bit of a stash diet as we fixed my B/F's car and need to pay off the costs. But have no fear I have LOTS to stitch and update you with in the next little bit for sure.
I am continuing to work on ducky, dragons, papillion SAL and of course my pirates.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my last set of WIP updates! You're all so nice! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WIP Update & Sort of Finish

Well... it seems like last week just disappeared on me and I'm not sure where it went!
But it was an alright week back to work and all. Though our weather has become crappy and cold for August. But what can you do.

I have some WIP's to show you and a sort of finish.
My sort of finish is my ornament for my ILCS exchange. I have finished stitching it but still have to stuff it and finish it and such.
But here is the finished stitching:

And here is a perspective show... the dove is a handmade add-on by one of the regulars at my LNS. I just love it! (this photo is also a much better showing of the colours):

And then onto the WIP updates...
I have been working on the ducky and hope to have it finished maybe by the end of September depending on what I decide to do about the edges. I have two options... one to just leave it as the yellow into the fabric, or to stitch more of the border portion that is a blue colour... comments on this??

I got halfway through Part 3 of the Papillion SAL (sad because part 4 is out now I know). Here it is so far:

And finally my personal favourite and epic project. The Judgement Dragons.
I am recommiting to this project in a big way to try and get page 3 done ASAP.
So look for updates on it for sure in the next little bit.

Well that is my update for now.
I will have in the next little bit the finish of my witchy ornament (just gotta get that dratted backstitch done, I really hate backstitching). And work more on these WIP.
I will try to get some holiday photos posted by the end of the week. Just seem to have a bit of a flickr issue getting them on my blog.

Thank you so much for your comments and stopping by!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back from Holidays

We returned from our holidays in lovely British Columbia on Friday and then spent the next few days hanging out at home and just lazing about. It was fantastic. But alas we are back into the work groove now. And of course back online!
It was kinda nice to have 6 days of being offline and out of communication with pretty much the entire world at my Grandparents farm in BC. So peaceful.
A part of me is happy to be back and into the routine again. And another part of me wishes for that peacefulness all the time.

But alas that is neither here nor there as here we all are. :)

I will have pictures from my holidays up in the next few days when my B/F downloads them.
In the meantime I have a stitching update!

I worked primarily on this little witchy ornament while we were away. Did a lot of it in the car (as we drove 8 hours to our destination and back again). It is almost complete. Just need to backstitch the "No magic until I've had my coffee" part. It has been a joy to stitch. Looking at the black in this photo though I'm not super happy about the coverage.

Sorry that is the only quick photo we managed last night.

Coming up: I will have updates on my ducky and the Papillion SAL too (halfway through part 3 now). I will have those up a bit later in the week along with those holiday photos.

Hope you've all had a great past week and a half and I am catching up on blogs today so can't wait to see what you've all been up to!