Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beading Bracelets

Well... life just never goes the way you want it to does it?
Between taxes, cars dying and a few other dramatic things it's been a crazy week.

However, there is something good that comes of it.
I taught myself a new bead stitch last night in the hopes of distracting myself  from all the crazy. It's a daisy stitch. So I made this cute little bracelet. It's quite fun to put together. This one is not perfect but with a bit more attention I could get it to a 'perfect-esque' state.

I also made a bracelet to match a dress for an event last week that I had to attend. This one is a simple put together that I designed. Nothing much fancy, but believe it or not it took me an hour to pick colours to go with those lovely purple painted bead (the problem with being a graphic designer, I just have to have it perfect). Here she be:

I have been stitching on dragons, baby garden and ravens.
The baby garden is quite a bit further along since i last shared so I will try and get a pic of it soon. Dragons is quickly approaching another page finish so I think I will wait until I have that to share it now.

I have no good teasers to put here as I don't want to promise things that may not happen, and right now giveaways are on hold as I can't afford the shipping... But hopefully you'll still come back to read anyways. :)

Here's a quick little treat of me beading that my darling man took without me knowing last night! I think I can count on one hand how often I've posted a photo of me up here...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Poll Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone that voted.
The winner in the end was Totem Raven Mystic.
It's a lovely pattern (see here)

I'll do another poll next month so watch for it!

Coming later this week: an update on dragons and the baby sampler. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

HAED Poll time!

As March is half over it's clearly time to do the poll for what my HAED free March pattern will be. (to catch people up I won a "Find Bob" contest at xmas put on by Michelle and Bob at that I get one pattern free per month for a year!)

So... there are 5 choices this time. And just getting down to the five was hard for me. I just want them all! lol.
However now the fate of what will be added to my HAED collection (which is already more than I can do in a lifetime I think).

Thanks for visiting and voting! :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

WIPocalypse #3 (Raven, Babies & Cottages)

Where does the time go? Is it already mid-March? Yeesh! I worked a good steady 3 weeks with overtime at the end of Feb, hence my departure for a bit. But the next 5 weeks are back to normal.

So here's WIPocalypse #3, more photos of cottages and ravens. I have also added a mandatory finish for June (when baby is due) with Just Nan's Baby Garden. A close family member is having a baby and I'm so excited (as they actually live in my city!) so I decided to do up this cute little gem. The sampler is on a basic ivory 28th evenweave. I wanted to do it on a greenish fabric but just lost too much of the colours. Here's the first band put together:

On to Raven. this piece is likely to be my submittion this year for the Calgary Stampede art & craft awards (some of you may recall the geometric one from last year). While this is not a subject matter that everyone loves it is something that my partner and I love and will put up in our house. Therefore it seems like something I will stitch really, really well and frankly is likely the only other bigger finish to happen before the entry deadline at the end of June (I could maybe put in the Baby Garden instead but likely not). Here is the raven so far, a few more words to go and then of course the bird itself. This is on 30ct WDW over 2 with 2 strands of silk:

Finally the Cottage of the Month series. I've really been loving doing these up. They continue to give me great joy. By doing them on 40ct over 2 with 1 strand they have held that petite style I like but are still nice and easy rows of stitching. What a lovely change from my HAEDs and Baby Garden they are. I've had February done for sometime but no chance to share. Here she be:

And I'm about halfway through March (with April all ready to go right away after). I changed some of the pink in March to purple as I didn't want so much pink next to the crazy pink February. Here is March so far:

I'm going to push hard on Raven and Baby Garden for the next couple months but still try to get some time in on Dragons (of course) and Cottages (as a break).  I'm feeling like I have so many projects on the go these days (which I guess I do) which is okay so long as I continue to focus.

Thank you so much for stopping by and if you're in on WIPocalypse only 10 more months until the world ends and we can't stitch anymore.    :)