Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm back from Holland!!!

That's right I'm back. Actually have been for a week or so but we are living in box/fort land with packing our home up so its been tough to find time to come and update everyone. (we move into our first home on this Friday!!)

I've got two springy stitchy finishes to share today with you all.

First up from the latest Just Cross Stitch magazine are daffodils. I wanted something bright and wonderful to stitch on while I was on the plane and in the Netherlands and this is what I picked. Little did I know that it would be some of the only pretty flowers we saw as it was unseasonable cold for Amsterdam and none of the tulips were up yet. :(
But alas these daffodils kept me smiling:

I've also got another cottage complete. August is the latest. Now I did make some major modifications including: took out the seascape waves at the bottom and put in the matching flowers from the top row so that it looked uniform like all the other months. Took out some of the 'clutter' on the pages and just included the seashells. Didn't use a sand color for the grass instead picked a nice green. I think it works, but others may disagree. :)
Here is my August:

While I was at it I (finally) took a couple quick (and very rough) pictures of the entire piece so far:
Only 4 more cottages to go!!

I've been working on a baby sampler for my cousin's little guy. It's adorable and I will share it soon.
Dragons is all packed up for now, but I'll get back to them at my new house.

Otherwise it's all packing and working for me lately.
I'll be back soon with some pictures from our trip to the Netherlands and some pictures of my new home.

Thanks for stopping by!!