Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Two finishes - and a Hi

Let me start with, yes I'm alive and doing well. :)
Thank you to everyone who has sent me little messages or emails to inquire. I owe a couple of you responses back but don't want to be hasty in writing them which is why there has been a delay.

So life without Stitch From Stash...
I can't even tell you what a great burden it has relieved off me to not be worrying about sending out reminders, writing newsletters and all the rest. As many of you know I moved into a new position and team at my job. Same place, new people and stuff. It's going well. A bit overwhelming but that's always the case. As such I haven't done a ton of stitching. But over holiday break I did get to spend some well needed time just watching Supernatural (I'm on Season 3 now!), video gaming on our new PS4 and reading. Of course watching Supernatural is stitching time!

Finish #1
This was an absolute pleasure to work on. Yes I know you're thinking, really Mel another Mill Hill? I'm addicted, what else can I really say?! LOL!
I worked on this on Christmas Day before putting in my turkey and in subsequent days after, completing it just before 2016. A nice relaxing and fun way to close out the stitching year.

Gingerbread House by Mill Hill
Kit on perforated paper, mill hill beads, DMC threads 

Finish #2
Unlike the Gingerbread House... I did not love this piece. As you all know I adore Jeannette. Truly adore her. But this piece and I did not get along. Likely because I had thread outage issues as I changed the count to 28 (from 32) and then wanted to go with double coverage (over two). The morale of the story here is to make sure you read ALL the instructions. I kinda dived in and screwed myself. But alas, it's mostly done. I changed quite a few colors due to my thread issues. However can say that the pattern does have some colours different from the picture on the cover of my version of the pattern. It's not totally complete as I want to add some charms and stuff. But for the time being I need to move on.
Take Time to Read by Jeannette Douglass
28ct natural linen, silk threads from thread pack

I'm hopeful that there will be more recent updates than between November and now. That is much too long!
Will have a couple starts soon, plus still working on Alice HAED (mini) and the Mirabilla Mermaid.
Happy Stitching!