Monday, November 28, 2011

Mill Hill Finish & HAED Soulmates Update

I've got a few pictures to show you today of pieces that haven't been seen in forever!
First up is a Mill Hill Santa. I just adore their bead kits. They are easy to do when I am having a bad day and don't feel so great. (I don't work on HAEDs or anything too complicated then as usually I just end up frogging it all out the next day).
This little guy I finished late last week. He's one of the Southwestern ones.

With a few finishes out of the way I've been working on some really big projects that I haven't touched in forever.
Maybe some of you remember Soulmates from HAED that I kitted up last year? I barely did that's for sure. lol. I picked her up and got one of the teeny tiny 1/10 of a pages from the bottom row done. So here's what it looks like so far:
(essentially a blue blob. Not so exciting, but it's progress. Click here for a link to what it will look like.)

Winners from the giveaway your packages went in the mail last week. Please give them some time to get to you. They are all going to the US and from Canada at this time of year it takes even more forever than usual to arrive.

I hope everyone is doing well. I worked on a number of Kumihimo bracelets this weekend with some different fun fibres. I'll try and remember to take some pictures for the next update. I also picked up on the next page of Dragons, and even some of the first page of Swan Song.(one bonus to dropping my stitching guild, I now feel less pressure to do group projects and things and can go back to stitching all the things I want to stitch! I think that will mean some serious progress on my HAEDs and dragons.)

Thank you so much for all your comments I really appreciate them!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dragons... finally an update

It's been over 3 months since I had a page finish on Dragons. I know that means I'm a bit behind schedule (dratted Halloween Rules ate up a lot of summer time!). Maybe I'll be able to somehow, magically get the fourth page of the year done by Xmas... but i doubt it. Ah well in the long run of the years I've been working on this I suppose a few extra months here or there won't really matter.

So here Dragons be, with one page past halfway complete. I love that you can finally start to really see what it is and the one dragon, can't wait to see that second one up above show up!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finishes & giveaway winners announced

I've got just a few finishes to share with you all today!
(and the winners of giveaway packages are at the end of the post).

First up I'd love to share with you my finish of Jeanette Douglass' "Take Time for Friends" piece. I LOVED working on this piece. So much that I'm going to start Once Upon a Tree when I get the fabric I ordered. I just love all her neat little stitches and the way it all stitches up. This didn't take me long at all to complete. On 32 ct linen using the thread pack:

Next up I did up a bunch of ornaments and items for a friends fundraiser. The basket included some homemade Christmas cards I made and other sweet goodies (Including a framed picture of one of my BFs amazing frost photographs). The basket brought in $70 which made me happy! These are all the ornaments I finished up for it:

In other news... the piece that I donated to JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation), my Cheryls Bouquet that won ribbons this past year in competition brought in $275!!! I am so pleased with that. :) And now it hangs in some strangers home. A bit odd, lol, but I'm so happy I gave it away. (but kept the ribbons of course)

And the reason you're all here... to see if you won!
As I said in my previous post, everyone got entries for doing specific things. How I do it is that for each entry you get a number, then I just go to a random number generator online and it picks my winners.
They are:
1) Mindi
2) Nancy (little bit of stitching)
3) Linda (Blu)

If each of you can please contact me (or answer the email I sent you) and let me know some of your likes, ie: butterflies, dragons, hearts, turtles, religious, beaches etc. Whatever it is you like to stitch the most and I am going to put together packages that are unique for each person (and hopefully to their taste!).

Later this week: I'm got exciting news for later this week. I've got a dragons page finish! But I didn't want to overload this post... so I'm saving it for a few days from now. So be sure to come back and check it out, I'm over the halfway point in the dragons piece now!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Beading, finish & GIVEAWAY!!!

After many trial and error moments in beading I think I finally found a type that I really understand. So far it's been the square stitch. This pattern is from Bead & Button magazine. I've changed the colours for Christmas. Its very time consuming So far it looks like this:

Further from that I've been working on some ornaments to donate to a friends charity event. Today in a few hours I finished this 2009 Just Nan pattern "over the top" tin. Here's the stitching (I am going to finish it this weekend):

Finally. Why you're all here. Lol.
A new giveaway. As always rules are:
1) you have to be a follower
2) You have to have an email address in your post or on your profile. If I pull your name and can't get your email within a few minutes then I will pull another.
3) post a comment to be entered on this post
4) if you post about this giveaway on your blog you get a bonus entry (just make a note in your comment that you did please!!)

The prizes:
There will be 3 packages. 2 stitchy ones. And 1 beading one. Once I have winners I will ask for likes, dislikes etc and customize the package for you!! :)

Finally, it's been a tough week. Especially with some stitchy stuff. But it's gotten better and I'm so glad to have my online community. You guys are great.
Good stitching!

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