Monday, May 12, 2014

DRAGONS - Page Finish!!

I'm soooo excited to present to you the latest page finish of Dragons.
This is the fourth last page (only three to go!) and it's the first to be completed on the final top row.
Yep that means the top of the current page finish is the top of the piece!!

Current page just finished (top left corner).

There is an end in sight! I was really starting to think there might not be. This coming August will be 7 years on this piece and I'm determined to finish it before I hit 8.

For those wondering a few notes about this piece you may not know:
- while this is charted exactly like, and looks like a HAED it is in fact a pattern from Character Creations based in New Zealand whom are now defunct.
- the art is by Lisa Hunt and is supposed to represent Judgement card from the major arcana of a Tarot deck.
- most people start these patterns from top left. I start from bottom left and work to the right, then up as I stitch like I'm left handed (even though I'm righty). I learned to do it this way and there is no way I'm ever going to change.
- there are 106 colors of DMC in this pattern. With over 130 skeins to be used. Many colors require 3 or 4 skeins.
- it is being stitched over 1, with 1 thread on 25ct even weave Lugana beige.
- this blog got it's name because a friend told me I seemed to only pick "epic" stitching projects when I started stitching these beloved dragons.

Thanks to everyone whose been here from the beginning and those who've recently joined for continuing on this epic journey with me!
We're soooo close!! :)

Happy Stitching!

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