Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exchanges, Fabric & Dragons (oh my!)

I have a few things to share today. Even though it's been a very busy week in my world and will only get busier for the next three weeks, mostly b/c of work (overtime). I will just have to try and "keep swimming, just keep swimming" and hopefully still stay in touch with everyone!

First up, I received my exchange from Lily in the ILCS Yahoo group Autumn/Fall ornament exchange. She sent this lovely scarecrow my way along with a few goodies. Thanks so much Lily!

Next up, I picked up my fabric for the Glendon Place Witches Wheel. This fabric has been specially dyed for the project and you have to buy it as is essentially. But it's just gorgeous so I don't mind at all!
All the stitching on the wheel is in black, I chose to do it on Bell Soie silks. And the colour you see in the pattern (check out pattern here) is beads that I do have but forgot to put in the pic.
Here's the fabby:

And last, but never least I have dragons. Well on my way to my goal of finishing this last page in the row before the end of the year. (that will be four page finishes for the year). However I was lazy and didn't take it off the scroll rods for the picture, also there is nothing to compare where I was at anymore because it's the end of the row. So here's a pic of the area I am working on, and a pic of the pattern colored in what I have done on the page (the symbols are blurred for copyright reasons, your eyes are just fine, lol):

That's all for this week folks.
I'm headed to the store tonight to pick up a little something that will eventually be a gift for a friend, and to chat and hang out. And fit some stitching in there. Depending on how much I have to work overtime on the weekend will depend on stitching time. So here's hoping I get some in.
Hope you've all been having fabulous weeks and been stitching away!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lots of stitching & Cronus

I participated in an autumn/fall exchange with ILCS Yahoo Group. And have just gotten word that my partner, Lily received my package. So now I can show you the ornament I worked on in September. Here's the ornament:
I was very proud of myself for managing to finish it. Only took 10 minutes to thread the sewing machine this time. Sadly that is faster than the hour I fought with it a few months ago. ;)

Later last week I finished up the last 'corner' piece of Rose Garden, which means I am onto a new page!
I will likely work from the top first I think and get that gate in... but gotta look at what makes the most sense for the next step. Here is Rose Garden to date:

I also SAL'd with Cheryl's Bouquet this past weekend. It's really starting to come together and I'm finding it hard to put away. So it may get a bit more attention… we will see.
Here it is to date:

Finally I did get some new pictures of Cronus (warning snake pictures below). Poor guy has had a heck of a time lately. We think he was very hungry and that is why he was striking… but to be safe for the meantime we are wearing gloves to ensure he doesn't strike us. We wanted to feed him a bit more as we thought he was hungry, so we moved him up from pinky mice to fuzzy mice. (difference in age and size). But the fuzzy mouse was almost too big for him. It took him awhile to get it down. And then… that same night he tried to shed, quite unsuccessfully it fell apart in pieces instead of in one nice long piece. So he got a bath to try and help him out.
At any rate, here are some new pics of him in his cage… (they 'yawn' after eating, we are not sure why, but we know it's cute!):
His home... just a cute little terrarium for now.

Why are you staring at my Mom? (this is what I imagine him saying to me as I take pics through the glass) :)

Mouth open! 
I have some more intense ones of him with his mouth open... except they are all blurry... so next time I will try and do better.

This reflection was achieved by accident, but I kinda liked it.

That's all I've got for now to share. 
The election is over that I was volunteering for, just in time for overtime at the office to start. But I'm home this weekend for some time so here's hoping that some stitching gets in! I need to stitch up my name tag for Guild before the end of the month. Guess I should get going on it. 
And of course, gotta get back to Dragons too!
Hope you are all have stitchy good weeks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have a Winner! (and a pirate)

Hello, hello. First up today, I wanted to address some questions from last week's post:

Evalina wanted more pics of Cronus
- I don't have new pics of Cronus right now as we have been leaving him in his cage. However I will try to get some more on the weekend when we take him out and feed him. I'm hoping he will have settled by then, he's still really aggressive.

Qsnap Lover wanted to know how long Cronus will get - Cronus will likely be between 4-5 feet. He could get as high as 6 but it's highly unlikely. Onyx, our black snake, is also a kingsnake and she is about 4.5 feet (we are pretty sure she's done growing, she's about 5 yrs old)

Angel Parker wanted to know about Canadian Thanksgiving - Tradition (in general) is usually to have a turkey dinner (kinda similar to what you might do at Christmas) and spend time with family. Other than that I don't think there is much else to the tradition… it's almost always the last long weekend before snow and therefore lots of people get outside for those precious few last times. We also have Canadian football that is played during the day on the Monday (just like NFL in the US on the Thurs of Thanksgiving.) I think that is about it. :)

And what you have all been waiting for. We have a winner for the latest giveaway. (winners are generated by giving each entry a number and then a random number generator picks a number)

So without further ado…. the winner is Babs in Belgium!!!
Babs I have emailed you for your address.

In other news I pulled out my Rose Garden for the first time in months! I will share a pic of it when I have the next grouping done, probably get it done this weekend. And then I will be putting it away for a bit to go back to my other projects. I want to get that last page of dragons done before the end of the year, and get Cheryl's Bouquet complete so that I can start on the wedding piece for my friends who are getting married in July of next year.
However, I realized I hadn't shared a pic of the pirate in awhile. I know, I know really that's all I've gotten done. Well… sadly. Yes. Still have the backstitching *ugh* and the letters to go. I am disappointed in the coverage on him... but not enough to restart.
Here he is to date:

Coming up for me this week. It's the last week of push for mayoral elections here in town. I have been campaigning and supporting one candidate which is where lots of my time has been going. However, Monday night it will all be done. It's a super tight race between three so it's gonna be interesting (and nerve racking).
I will be stitching some this weekend, especially during the day on Saturday. So hopefully by next time I will have an update on dragons, rose garden and probably Rose as well.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. You all keep me motivated and remind me to find time for the things I love, especially stitching!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rose, Cronus & Giveaway

Does it ever feel like life just never slows down to anyone else?
It seems sooo fast and busy to me these days. So I apologize that this is a bit later than I wanted it to be. But better now than never.

A few people asked about Cronus (our latest addition to the family, a Kingsnake hatchling). They wanted to know how big he will get. Likely he will be about 4-5 feet in length. And will of course get fatter than he is right now.

Cronus tried to eat my finger on the weekend. lol. We were handling him before feeding him for the first time and after about 10 minutes he decided he'd had enough and wanted food. Apparently I was the potential food. The good thing about the snakes when they are hatchlings is that they can't hurt you, more tickle you. (adult ones however can strike hard and break the skin and it really hurts I am told). But I think he's settling in okay so that is nice.

Stitching… well this past weekend was the Rose HAED SK SAL. So I pulled her out. I love her, big solid areas of colour something I am not used to getting to do. :)
Here she is so far:

And now for the giveaway…
It's a Halloween theme. My favourite season of the year! :)
I'd like to thank each and every one of you that has followed, commented and sent me emails etc in the last 150 posts. It's been a ride hasn't it!
Let's hope the next 150 posts have less issues and more fun.
As for followers, I can't believe that 182 people care about what I have to say. It still baffles me.
But I am so happy to share it all with you, and to follow your own blogs. I have made some fabulous friends via stitching blogging!.
So thank you, thank you.

This time around it's just one package as I wanted to make it a little sweeter.
So it's three spools of Krenik, two are #4, one is #8 braid. 30ct Linen. I love this purple linen, it's a cut of about 4" x 4" so great for a  Halloween ornament! And a brand new, unused pattern!

The rules are:
1) Leave a comment that you want to be included in the giveaway (make sure you leave your email if your profile doesn't have an email attached to it)
2) Have to be a follower to be eligible.
3) You'll get an extra entry if you re-post on your own blog, please comment and let me know you have reposted.

I will ship internationally. This giveaway will close in one week, at 5:00 MST on Monday, October 11 (Canadian Thanksgiving!!)
Good luck!

It's a long weekend this weekend coming up for me. It's Canadian Thanksgiving. I'm hoping there will be some time to get some stitching in. I also have my second Guild meeting tomorrow night, so some stitching time then too. I need to get back around to dragons and get on that last page of the row soon!
Thanks for visiting and commenting!