Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's here, the biggest giveaway of 2012. 

Why is it so awesome you ask?

Well to start there will be 4 winners.
2 of them will get to pick out their own charts!
2 of them will be getting a items from me full of great stuff!!!

First up the Heaven and Earth Designs Pattern Giveaway!
As many of you know and have been voting all year I won an amazing contest with Michele from HAED. And I wanted to give back to the community for playing along with me all year in helping to choose patterns.
I will be giving away my November & December free charts to 2 lucky winners!  (1 winner per chart) Each winner will get to choose a pattern of their choosing from the HAED website.

Here's a little slideshow of all the HAED patterns I got this year for a little pre-winning inspiration. This includes free ones and others that I bought or had gifted to me. (oh and if you don't win but are dying to have a pattern they are all 25% off until US Thanksgiving (Thursday)

Second is a package of items from my stash! 
A great way to start the new year, or give you something new to work on during the holidays! I will ask the winner for color preferences, likes, dislikes and a few other questions (ie: do you stitch aida or linen, etc.)

Third is a $25 gift certificate to purchase ANY items you'd like from my Etsy store, plus free shipping to anywhere in the world!
All jewelry is customizable. You can pick your own colors, combinations etc if you get in touch with me. Or you can choose from the over 100 items currently available and put together an order. 

So I know you are dying to know...
1) You MUST be a follower of this blog.

2) You MUST comment on this blog post (and only this one) and MUST indicate that you want to be entered in either HAED giveaway, stash giveaway or both.

3) You MUST have an email address linked to your profile or indicated in your comment.

It's that easy!

Want more than just one entry into the contest?Yep there's always a way to get more it just means a little more work on your part.
In every instance you MUST comment on this blog post and link to what you did to get more entries. You can post a comment indicating you want in on the contest and 3-4 links of what you did for extra entries, that's fine. But you have to tell me you worked at it and I have to be able to prove it.

Alright, here's how to get more: 

1) Mention and link to this giveaway post from your own blog.

2) Tweet about this blog giveaway and link to this blog.

3) Facebook about this giveaway and link to this blog. Note: your post MUST be PUBLIC or I can't see it and neither can anyone else!

For even MORE bonus entries you can: 

A) Tweet about my Etsy store linking to http://www.etsy.com/shop/epicstitching or to an item you really like.

B) Like my store page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/epicstitching

C) Facebook about my store and link to the etsy link (above). Note: Your post must be PUBLIC or I can't see it and neither can anyone else!

D) Post about my Etsy store on your blog page (include at least one link and one picture of an item) and you will get TWO bonus entries into the giveaway.

Don't forget that if you don't comment to tell about all the things you've done, or if you do them on different days just come back and comment again. Otherwise you will not be entered to win!!!

I will give each person's entry a number at the end of the contest and use a random number generator in order to select the winners. Prizes are not redeemable for cash value. All shipping costs on the Etsy store giveaway and the stash giveaway will be paid by me. HAED winners will have their pick of pattern emailed to them by HAED direct.

Alright, whew, that was exhausting!!!

Oh... most importantly CONTEST CLOSES DECEMBER 2, 2012 @ 6:00pm MST.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween project... a bit late.

Where does the time go?
I must say that every time I get on here but yeesh it disappears fast.

Yes I’m still here, and no I don’t have an update on dragons. ;) At least not yet. Almost done half of the next page, I will do a sneak peek at half a page (as I know I’ve been painfully slow with getting full pages done lately).
Have I been stitching other stuff?
Most definitely. Lots of other things.
My May cottage is almost done and I have some little things I’m working on (besides the ever looming dragons).
As well as I started the Halloween girl from this year’s Just Cross Stitch Halloween Book. I love these perforated paper projects from Brooke’s Publishing. She really does fantastic work with making perforated paper projects look sooo elegant and lovely.
Here she be to date:

I’ve got a BIG surprise coming in the next 7 days.
I totally promise in the next 7 days. It could even be as early as tomorrow you never know! If you love big projects and need a treat I think you’ll LOVE what is coming.
In other news:
Job is going mostly well. Got a promotion and pay increase. Woohoo! (minus the office politics but such is life these days no matter where you go)
Best thing I ever did was leave my full time creative job for something a little more mundane but a slower pace and leaving my brain to do up designs in the evenings! It’s awesome.
Been at a craft show almost every weekend for a month and the next 3 weekends in a row are no exception. However my bracelets have been moving and people get very excited about them which I just love. And at price points of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 & $50 they make great stocking stuffers for any budget! (pssst: continuing shameless plug; new content at the store check it out).
Otherwise it’s been full blown winter here for 3 weeks now. Good amount of snow on the ground and the like. Not so exciting, but gives me even more of an excuse to stay home and cuddle up in my chair with my stitching or braiding.

Though I suppose I do need to get on that holiday shopping really soon here. If only Canada had black Friday for deals too… (jealous US friends, very jealous)

Until the surprise in the next 7 days. Spend some time crafting!