Monday, December 22, 2014

SFS2015-A Closed

Just a quick note to let everyone know that SFS2015-A sign-ups are now officially closed.

December log-ins are also closed for the SFS2014 (if you haven't yet emailed me please do so ASAP) I will be answering the log-ins for December 2014 in the next couple of days.

More information to come after Dec 26 (as I have to do a bunch of that family stuff too).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2015-A - Only 15 spots left!

Anyone else frantically finishing up their holiday stitching?!
I know I am!! :)    Sorry can't share pics as not sure on readership from my "real life". But I will share once finished and gifted.

What I'm really here to remind you all is that if you want in on Stitch From Stash 2015-A (Jan 1 to Jun 30) then you need to sign-up now!!! There are only 15 spots for bloggers left and 3 for email participants!! Do not delay!
To sign-up click the tab for SFS2015-A above this post and follow the directions.

Want to tell others that you're in for SFS2015-A, grab the button/photo to the left and post it in your sidebar or on a blog post! You can link it back to the tab page (above) link which is where everyone will be posting their updates each month.

There will be communications heading out to everyone in the group in the next week or so that indicates how to log-in for each month. Deadlines and other pertinent information to follow at the same time.

Good news to those that are "following" us along this year. The newsletters will be public this year! They will be posted to the magical tab page (still above) for everyone to view the tips, tricks and latest on SFS.

Happy (quick) Stitching moving into the crunch time of the month. 
I cannot wait for January when I can go back to hard-core stitching on Dragons and be less stressed about... well... everything! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Stitch From Stash 2015-A -- SIGN-UPS OPEN

Want to sign-up for Stitch From Stash 2015-A? 
Click the tab/page above for SFS2015-A, read the rules and information, just before the comments is the sign-up spot to put in your blog link. 

If you do not have a blog or page to publically post to please send a request to participate via email only to A limited number of people will be permitted to participate without blogs. 

Group will have a cap number on it so sign-up now if you want in for SFS2015-A, which runs from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. 
Sign-ups will close on Dec 21, 2014 or when 120 people have signed up. Whichever comes first! 

Questions or concerns ?
Contact me (Mel) at

Monday, December 1, 2014

Stitch From Stash - November 2014

Can you believe it is December 1 already!? As usual time goes by much too quickly.
I'm frantically stitching away on my two Xmas gifts that I'm hesitant to show pics of just in case.
In the meantime Dragons is sitting a bit ignored in a corner. But I'm anxious to get back there and am sure I will soon!

For November Stitch From Stash 2014 I have spent more money on eBay... I know, I know it's my huge downfall and continues to be. I can't turn down a deal, maybe I need a therapy group...? Oh wait, maybe that is what SFS is all about! (lol).

I spent a total of $34.23 this month, but as last month I didn't spend any AND we had the lovely bonus of $50 to the end of the year as designated by my DH I'm still ok.
I've got somewhere just under $30.00 left in budget to Dec. 21.
Which all means No Cyber Monday Purchases Allowed!!! Which is why I'm writing this instead of shopping... and going to log some more participants in SFS instead of shopping and then maybe throw my laptop in a snowbank to stop myself from shopping... (though then I would get to shop for a new laptop... hm...LOL!)

 I think I can make it.. I think I can.. I think I can... just like the little engine that could. Though I must say I'm impressed to make it this far and have held to the budget!!! My DH is even more impressed. He figures all of the group members are keeping me honest and controlled. Something for which I'm sure he'd like to send a personal thank you to everyone in SFS2014. :)

For those interested 2015 Stitch From Stash is pending an announcement very soon. Hopefully by Friday!! Those in the group will have first dibs at signing up and then everyone else will be allowed. There is going to be a cap on the number of people in the group so please watch here and the 2015 newly created page (see tabs above) for the announcements if you are interested in joining.

I will be back soon with bigger and better news on 2015 SFS.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Start - Gift Stitching

Tis the season for gift stitching! I've got 3 gift stitches going on right now. 2 for Christmas and 1 for February deadline. 

This new start is the February gift (yes I should work the Xmas ones first, lol). It's super cute pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery. Being stitched on "Iris Garden Morning Glory" 28ct lugana (even weave) that came from my stash. I think it's a Picture this Plus fabric. Amazingly soft and vibrant. Very glad I had it in stash!! Being stitched with good ole DMC also from my stash. 

 I'll share snippets of the gift stitching over the next few weeks. I'm unsure who of my "real life" vs "online" friends frequent this blog so I have to be moderately careful. Lol!! 

In some unfortunate news: I've learned today that Love Thy Thread, a company with (mostly gothic) artist rendered patterns (like HAED) is closing their shop on Dec 1. Check out for yourself before Dec 1 at: I bought 2 patterns after much deliberation. 
A steampunk themed one called "Lady Mechanica". You can see it here: (their photos are locked up so couldn't repost)
And another called "Bare" that I won't post as it involves nudity (gorgeous and tasteful but just to be safe). If you want to see click here: 

Dragons is progressing. It's a bit boring with mostly solid white and off white to stitch. But that does mean it stitches quick which is never a bad thing!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dragons - The Head!!!

Well, it feels like my one dragon has been headless for so long he's likely made friends with Ichabod Crane... And then one day he suddenly has a head.

This is the second last page of dragons which included the last dragons head. There is still lots of basic white and some yellow stitching to finish the page. But that stitching goes by sooo fast when there is almost no color changes. Please excuse the scroll bar lines and indents I did not bother to iron it. Here is the second last pages detailed area, the Dragon head:

That is the majority of the detail of this piece. Like I said a bunch of the sky/sun stitches in the rest of this page. Then last page is the remainder of the tree and branches on a yellow sky. 
So I have a goal. My hope is to try and have this done by mid-January 2015 for my Uncle's birthday (whom this epic piece is for). Or alternatively by March 2015. I'd like to enter it in the Needlework Competition in July here in Calgary (and it needs to be framed for that) so May is my "drop-dead" deadline.
My Uncle first requested this piece back before I was even dating my man and while I still lived by myself. It's crazy to think how much has happened to me, this blog and this piece in the last 7 years. I sometimes think that Dragons holds pieces of me over those years. I will be delighted to give it to my Uncle (who is like my older brother and only 9 years older than me) and have him proudly display it in his home. When he first asked for it he had no lady and no family. Today he has a wife, toddler and 2 step kids! How the world changes in a short few years.

Coming Up: I have a new start that is super cute, easy and fun to stitch! It's a gift and has a timeline but it's stitching up fast so I'm not worried. I also have some 'secret stitching' for holidays to get done (but need to order the patterns lol). I'm also wanting to bring out Metamorphosis by Ink Circles as I'm over 50% done it as well. Lots to stitch and never enough time!  :) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ornament Finish & October Stitch From Stash

Whew! Thank you so much to everyone for all your wonderful comments and excitement surrounding my inclusion in CSN Magazine. I realized only a few days ago that it was the edition that has Joan Elliott's Cinderella piece(s) in it and am overjoyed that everyone who gets the magazine will have such a gorgeous pattern in their hands!! 

It's that time for October Stitch From Stash.
I can't believe we're down to only 2 months to go in the year, and therefore less than 2 months until Christmas *gasp* better get on some gift making and purchasing!
I spent $19.96 on a couple sale patterns this month and NOTHING on EBAY!!! I'm most proud of my avoidance of eBay. :)
My hubby decided on a Halloween/Year End bonus for everyone in the group of $50 to spend anytime between now and Dec. 31. I think he was feeling bad when he saw the spreadsheet and that many ladies, including myself, were down to almost no budget left (lol). So I have that "cushion" but darn does it go away fast. I'm going to try and hold onto the bonus as long as possible until I really *need* to spend it. (need might not be the right word...)

Joy Ornament
I decided to print out some of the patterns from the latest edition of Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine (2014) as I now get my mags from them digitally and seem to forget about the great things I want to stitch from them.
So I had about 5 printed for a couple weeks and kept thinking I should at least stitch one or two new holiday ornaments before December. In the end I chose this tiny cutie "Joy" from My Big Toe Designs.

I changed the threads to over-dyed I had on hand from stash. The brown is a Weeks Dye Works and the blue/green is a Carrie's Creations thread (all cotton). The fabric is as a leftover ornament sized piece. I believe it's a 32ct linen.
I stitched this little joy up in only a few hours which was wonderful!

Dragons update: The head is sooo close to being done... I want to get all the colors done around it before the giant blocks of white start for the background before showing it. By the end of the weekend I should have it all done up. Watch for a post next week!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Exciting News! - As Featured in Cross Stitch Collection

I have exciting news today for everyone. I mentioned it briefly in early Summer but it's officially been published and completed!

This blog, Epic Stitching, and myself (Mel) have been featured in the latest edition of Cross Stitch Collection (CSC) that hits news stands today! Some of you may have received it this week via subscription services with CSC.
CSC approached me back in June and asked me if I'd like to be featured and I could not have been more excited or flattered!!!

If you're visiting me for the first time because of Cross Stitch Collection I just want to say thank you for your interest!!! Have a peek at the previous posts for past stitching, current WIPs and my recent finish. 

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and enjoy the wonderful patterns and articles in CSC; including their feature about me, my stitching and this blog.
Let me also say that; without all of my followers, stitchers, cheerleaders and visitors this blog would be nothing. This is really a display of your support to myself and this blog. Thank you to all of you!!! 

I was lucky enough to be sent a preview copy of the article so you get a sense for how big this exposure is and the weight they gave to me (it's a double page spread!). Check it out!

Error: There is an embarrassing error you might have caught in the article. It is 100% my fault and not the fault of CSC. I mention "In Memory of" piece that I'm sure many of my long time followers may remember. It was made in Memory of Rene, not Meari as the article indicates. Those familiar with the blogging community likely know that Meari is alive and well and an amazing blogger herself! My apologies for this extreme oversight on my part... I by no means meant to insult Rene's memory or Meari's current contribution to the community.

Upcoming: I've almost got a Dragon head!!! The second last page of Dragons is slowly progressing. I will share it ASAP when the second Dragons head is filled in as that is the "important" part of the page. I'm halfway through it so won't be long now (I hope!).

Monday, October 13, 2014

Counting Bats Finished (Finally!!)

Happy dance!!
The unusually stiff fabric and over one on 32ct drama is finally over!
For some unknown reason I did not really enjoy this piece. Even though I love Halloween and Just Nan. Even though I had the gorgeous silk pack to stitch with and perfect purple fabric.
It just wasn't the joy I expected. So some 3-4 years after starting it I finally have finished it!

Here it is:

Just Nan "Counting Bats"
32ct Purple Weeks Dye Works fabric
Designs 2 threads over 2
Letters & numbers 1 thread over 1
Silk pack of Au Soie from Just Nan used; charms and beads as in pack

Thanks to everyone for their cheering and push for me to finish this piece. I'm quite pleased with how it looks but mostly just happy it's finally done and off the WIP list.

Off to put some stitches into Dragons!! And just ordered a couple gift pieces that you will see soon. One is a baby piece; two are Xmas gifts. Should be fun and quick stitches (or so I hope, otherwise I'm in trouble, lol)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Stitch From Stash September & Metamorphosis Pics

Well I didn't make it at zero this month. This Stitch From Stash no spending or minimum spending is really tough! I think I should have called the group Stop from Spending (lol).
However because of the evil place called eBay I ended up with some amazing deals and alas, did spend money (and too much!):
$16.50 - 10 x Fantasy charts (6 of which I love, and a few that will be future giveaways likely)
$5.99 - Lavender Sampler (eBay purchase)
$40.00 - Eve Gingher Scissors (these were a preorder that finally came in)
$12.40 - 4 x Vintage charts (ebay of course)
= $74.89

So where does that put me... it means I need to use my skip month. :( 
I really didn't want to... and wish I'd spent more for it (LOL) but if I don't then I blow the entire years worth of budget that is left... I gotta go another zero month or at least inside $20 so that I can make it to years end... So tough esp. at this time of year with all the new items I want! 

Though... my husband did indicate that one more bonus would be in order this year... I don't pick them or how much they are he does. So maybe ladies we can count on that? I hope anyways. 

In better news. 
I had an amazingly productive stitchy weekend. 
Evalina and I did something we haven't done in a long time, and I'm so glad we did it, which is to have a virtual stitchy weekend where we email each other quick pics and updates. It was fantastic. I got the middle motif of 7 done (4 of 7 complete) on Metamorphosis. 
It now looks like (click to see larger pics): 

I also made some serious headway on Counting Bats. I'm hoping the next pic I show is a finish! Or at least a finish minus beads and charms!! 
And I did put some stitches in Dragons. The head is coming along on my 2nd dragon. I need to focus on it a little more. Once Counting Bats is suddenly dead and gone (I mean I will really push on Dragons and use Metamorphosis for "break" times. 
We're also coming into the busiest time of year for my Etsy store with holiday season so I may get bogged down there. But with only 4 day weeks until Xmas at the office (woohoo extra vacation and flex days that need to be used) I am hoping I can stay ahead of it. *fingers crossed* 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy stitching! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Counting Bats - WIP Photos

Remember that project I pulled out back at the beginning of the year that was a UFO... well it remained mostly a UFO the last 8 months... and then I finally told myself to just work on it and get the darn thing done!
So I've been forcing myself to work on "Counting Bats" from Just Nan. I couldn't figure out why I hated this project so much, give it's on a great purple dyed fabric, with silks and a Just Nan. But I think I've finally figured it out. There are two reasons:
1) I really hate the Weeks Dye Works fabric it's on. the color is perfect! BUT... it's really course, not soft at all and a bit uneven in the weave. so it's a real pain to work on!
2) Backstitching... ugh there is a lot of extra detail on this Just Nan, and it's mostly the spiders I hate (I think).

So not my fave piece, but that's okay. Once it's done then I won't feel bad that it cost me more than $100 to kit it up b/c of the silks.

So here she be to date, I've very close (working from bottom to top as per my usual backwards way). There is a header above #1 with a lovely moon and bats (I'm looking forward to that part) and some more 1 over 1 lettering that says "Counting Bats".

There are still beads and some embellishments to put on once I have the top layer done as well. 
Again I'll just be happy to say I finished this one just to get it out of the WIP/UFO bag and justify the amount spent so many years ago. 

In other news: Been fairly sick (again!). Got some sort of flu bug or food poisoning. On day 3 since got really sick and already mostly bounced back so at least it was quick (though nasty). I think I need to look at using my immune essential oils again as since I stopped using them a few months back (no real reason just stopped...) I've been a lot more sick. So back to the nightly regime I go. Damn compromised immune systems due to other health concerns. 

I just got the new Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue (digitally) and printed off a bunch of great new ornament patterns for Christmas. As usual I'll likely only get one or two done but it's something I suppose. Look for those in the near future as starts. 
Dragons has not progressed at all! (I know bad). I've having a hard time motivating myself to start the second last page as it has the Dragon head in the corner I start from and it's all scales, which means confetti nightmare (again). But I am going to start on it before the end of the month (my goal) and hopefully that will get it rolling along.

Hope you're all doing well and Happy Stitching! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Stitch From Stash August - Metamorphosis Stitching

It's already starting to get cold here again. Summer always seems so short (maybe because we get maybe 8 weeks of it in Calgary, lol!). This morning we had a frost warning and I could see my breath on the way to the day job. 

So alas it has come time to check-in for August with Stitch From Stash. 
I know many of you won't believe it, and with Market releases this month, I did it! I didn't spend a single dime on stitching stuff!!!! I'm pretty proud of myself. But am also concerned that I will be aching to spend tons of money next month. But again it is looking very lean at my house, as expected earlier this year. Therefore I will have to be very good likely through September as well. My kind husband is trying very hard to be supportive and not make it seem like we are scrimping every penny but when it's true, it's true. 
However, the promised raise from a couple months ago at the office should be coming up (we pray) this month. Assuming HR removes the pay freeze as promised in early September. Often times it really sucks to be working for a gov't body and their stupid freeze everything to make politicians look good. However I'll stop my complaining as we are managing and move onto more exciting things! 

So no new purchases to share b/c of zero dollars spent. 
But the start of Metamorphosis I do have. I'm on the third motif now and am sooo excited to see it come together fairly quickly. And it was definitely a good way to help with the aching of spending to have a new start. However, it does mean I haven't started second last page of Dragons. But that will come next week I think. 
I did discover that this is a 36ct linen as per the pattern and the colors I'm using are the exact same as well. So it's almost like a model version of this lovely Ink Circles pattern: 

Thanks to everyone for their comments, emails and support in not spending. I really do have hundreds of patterns and dozens of items ready to stitch (kitted up). And besides stuff is not happiness. Though many days I have to convince myself of that! (lol)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dragons Page FINISH! - 2 to go!

It would seem my little trick worked; start a new piece and then give me motivation to finish a Dragons page if I switch off. :)

So I'm pleased to say I have another page finish!! Only 2 to go!!
Here is the latest. Please forgive the angles and the bottom is slightly folded over. I was eager to keep going and didn't wait for my man to come home and take good photos.
Top Section:

Entire piece, minus a small fold over at bottom:

It seems very surreal to me to be on the second last page in some ways; and in others I feel like I have been doing this project forever. Though after almost 7 years it has been a long time. In fact I started this piece when my lovely man was just entering back into my life. And seeing as how I can barely remember life without him and we are approaching 6 years of living together I suppose it's like a lifetime in my mind.

As always thank you so much for your continuing support and questions about Dragons. It keeps me from getting too distracted by other pretty things! :)

No stitching purchases so far this past week! Sadly that is an accomplishment! Lol.
However I feel like I'm saving again and "stitching from stash" which is encouraging!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Start - Metamorphisis

So as many of you know I've been struggling with Stitch From Stash. And I have a bit of an idea as to why...
I haven't really stitched anything new! Instead I've just tried to stop buying as much stuff which is not rewarding.
So I decided regardless of how many projects and goals I have right now I'm going to start something new. Guilt free (or so I'm trying to tell myself)
I have picked a project that's not a "small" but likely to be a quick project and one I am stitching and had kitted up just because I love the design and the colors. No reason to do it except that I want to.

So here is the kitted up project from my stash. I didn't have to buy or reorganize anything; this project was ready to in my stash.

It's called "Metamorphosis" by Ink Circles (yep a Mel fave designer). I am using the exact Gentle Arts colors called for. The linen is a bit lighter and different. I can't remember exactly the brand it is but it's a 32-count linen.

I'm hoping this start helps curtail some spending. And maybe I can make "mini deals" with myself to stitch Dragons so much and then work on this as a reward.
Worth trying I figure!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Stitch From Stash - July

I've come to the conclusion that it will be a miracle if I can go one entire month without spending anything on stash...
This makes me kinda sad. Seriously how is it that I just can't stop looking??
I think one of my 'new' goals is to have one year in 2014 where I can log a zero in SFS.

So this month... no zero for me... really didn't do all that well at all actually...
+ $19 HAED - Raven (I shouldn't have I know but I was chatting with Michele about some copyright stuff and couldn't help but go and buy something new from her - Shown on right)
+ $18 on JSC Halloween Mag (of course!!!) and Kreinik for Mermaid
+ $17 Fabric on eBay
+ $13 Serendipity patterns on eBay
= $105 (US)
= $67 (US)
EDIT: Thank you, thank you to all my awesome readers for commenting to correct my math!!! I'd say how embarrassing but at the same time I'm not so great at basic math (apparently). 
So the total is actually $67!!!
This new total I WILL log and keep my exemption as I think I can make it work in my budget by using forward money and attempting to have August be a ZERO month. *fingers crossed* 

Okay I didn't realize how badly I'd really done until I added it all up. I'm fired for sure!
So what that means is I'm going to take my exemption/skip month for July. But I'm soooo disappointed with myself for not keeping better track so that I could be sure to spend even more! (I know I'm pathetic - but did you know there are 2 more witches from Mirabilia now!!!)

Now I have to have to be good in August. I can do this I hope. At least stay under $25!
I won't lie I'm starting to feel like I might fail at this whole Stitch From Stash as I haven't really started anything significant from my stash or had any significant finishes except Cottages. I guess my Mermaid is a stash pick-up and Counting Bats is too but I haven't gotten to finishing it yet (I need to get on that!)

Alright. That's enough of that.
Upcoming: Dragons page is close to done, just filling in a bunch of white. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mirabilia Mermaid & Winner Announcement

Thank you sooooo much to everyone for such lovely comments about the choice CSC magazine made to feature my blog. I cannot wait to share what issue it will be in. As soon as I know you will know too!! 

Mermaid Update
I think I've shared this piece maybe once since kitting it up and putting it into my "work on when bored" bag. It's called "South Sea Mermaid" and is by Mirabilia. I have picked it up a bit in the last couple months so it actually has some semblance of a "beginning" to it.
It's on 28ct (over 2) SilkWeavers fabric which is just divine (seriously some of the nicest fabric I've ever used!)! I love the smoothness and color of the fabric. Using DMC, lots of beads (which will be added last) and Krenik (that I just ordered) it is quite a delight to stitch on.
As always I started from the bottom corner. Not quite perfectly but mostly, so this is some seaweed/plant below her and the beginning of her tail. Lots of beads and Krenik not yet in here that fills in holes, creates swooping ends and whatnot. But you get the idea I hope.

Thank you to everyone who commented to enter for the giveaways and whom re-shared on blogs or twitter. I really appreciate all your lovely congratulatory messages.
Without further delay....

Package 1 winner is: KimM @

Package 2 winner is: Heather @ 

Winners please email me your mailing addresses - epicstitching (at) gmail (dot) com or use the message me button on my profile.

In other news: The latest page of Dragons is coming along. Filling in spaces of the same white, while quick, is not so exciting so I'm doing it in smaller stages. I'm hoping for a finish on this page no later than end of August. Counting Bats is due for some time and an update so that will likely be later next week with my Stitch from Stash update. 

Thanks as always for visiting. Those in summer enjoy the sunshine! Those in winter, enjoy the cooled off temperatures (because I don't know how you stand it when it's so hot in the summer, lol)! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exciting News!!

As promised I have a very exciting news to announce to everyone!
While the timing of this is as yet unknown (I will update when I know), it has been confirmed to be happening and almost all my requirements for submission have been met (I have to send some extra photos in still).

I was approached a couple weeks ago by Cross Stitch Collection Magazine. They are running a series of features on stitchers who blog, where we chat about why we have our blog, what we stitch and other stitchy questions. I'm sooo very excited!!

Now I know many of you are thinking, but Mel you used to work in magazines and that wasn't near as exciting... Well the difference for me is this is a magazine about my absolute fave thing to do in the world. And I feel it's a HUGE compliment to be chosen.

Now here's the thing that I know with absolute certainty. This feature is a huge compliment to all my followers as well, yes that's you!! Because without all of you to encourage me, vote, have dialogues, give opinions, etc. this blog would be nothing. So I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my followers, new and old, over the last 5 years. This blog started as a way to track my Dragons progress, and to meet other stitchers and it's become so much bigger than I could have ever imagined. All because of my readers! We've been through some crazy life events over the last 5 years; including surgery, health issues, living with my man, buying my first home and so much more! Nevermind all the XS projects including the continuing epic of Dragons, Mirabilia Fairy, Raven, Lizzie Kate Halloween fun, Cottages and sooo many more!

As a big thank you I'd like to hold a giveaway!!! Yep that's right, a big thank you to all of YOU. :)
There are two different packages to enter for, you can enter for both or just one as you prefer.

Giveaway Requirements! 
1) You must be a follower of my blog
2) You must comment on THIS post and indicate if you want to be entered for package 1, 2 or both.
3) To get additional entries you can do one of the following:
    - Post about this giveaway on your blog (please comment with a link)
    - Tweet about this giveaway (please comment with a link)
    - Tweet about my Etsy shop (please comment with a link)

The Prizes! 

Package 1:
All patterns I've stitched in the past and finishes I've shared on this blog over the years:
- Just Nan: Merry Old Elf
- Lizzie Kate: Spring Basket (Snippet)
- Just Nan: Over the Top (Glow!) - pattern only
- The Trilogy: Domes of Doom (Haunted Heads) with Liberty Street Designs 28ct Caramel Toffee linen

Package 2:
My favourite "easy" stitches are Mill Hill Bead & Button kits on perforated paper. So here's two for you to work through, or try out if you've never worked on perforated paper before.
- Mill Hill Holiday Ornaments III (Frosty)
- Mill Hill Autumn Series VII (Autumn Garden)

Good luck to everyone!!

Other updates: Dragons is continuing on and looking great on this page (though filling in the giant spaces of just white or ivory is kinda boring). Current Mill Hill (herb garden) is actually getting worked on AND I worked on my Mirabilia a bit this week, pics of the Mermaid to come. 

Truly thank you to absolutely all of you for making this blog what it is today and for sticking with me for so long! 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Small Finish & Dragons Update

July is here, which also means summer is here in Calgary. Our 6-8 weeks of nice weather has started. :)
However, as I have to stay out of the sun because of meds I have been inside a lot stitching. But luckily there is a window I can open to share in the summer some.

On that note, let's get to that stitching! I finished a Lizzie Kate piece; part of a series but I stitched it up to be framed (eventually) and sold at my Etsy store. This "remember" on 28ct linen. I changed all colors for hand dyed threads I had on hand and made my own color scheme.

My dragons update is a bit of a tease, I won't lie. But it will show you my progress on the latest page. This page has A LOT of the same 3 colors in giant chunks. So I did my own version of gridding. I've stitched the black/colored stitches to create spaces where I don't have to check the pattern or count all the time. I use pencil crayon to mark off but I changed this to black and white so you could easily see the system.

Thanks for continuing to follow everyone.
Exciting news later this week, sorry can't confirm it yet. And some finish finishes (amazingly) that I did up myself. I"ll be back soon!

Monday, June 30, 2014

June Stitch from Stash & Small Finish

It's finally summer here! Well, at least as summer as it gets. Which is to say it's about 21C (70F) each day with a thunderstorm in the late afternoon or evening. And I'm just fine with that as no one (but crazy rich people) have A/C here I love when it cools off in the evening.

That brings me to my Stitch From Stash update for June
Everyone was given a $50 bonus, on top of their budget $25 for the month (and of course carryover can still be used). So I went a bit crazy... And feel like I just want to keep buying still now. It's awful. But here's what I got in the end so far this month (I'm going to have to be careful in July now as I have no carryover at all!):
  • $19.95 for Gigi & beads (I'll use DMC & fabric from stash)
  • $42.00 on 9 patterns from eBay, including lots of Ink Circles patterns (show pics of 3 matching).
  • $0.00 on two cross stitch books because of issues with ebay a seller sent me free 2 books by Joan Elliott including "Fairy Enchantment". Love how beautiful these books are and definitely worth even the retail price based on number of patterns inside.
Small Finish
From Just Nan, this piece is "Summer". A Whimzi design that I happen to have the Whimzi frame for that is quite cute (it has a cute little flower on the edge). Which means I will actually, eventually, finish this into something (lol).
Done on 32 count pale pink linen with DMC (2 DMC substituted as didn't have exact number available in stash and didn't want to pilfer from kitted up projects). The linen is not really showing up as pink as it actually is... so imagine it pinker?

This piece will be going up for sale on Etsy once framed and complete (this is my way of motivating myself to finish it, I hope!)

In Other News: 
Dragons is coming along. I'll post when I'm at a halfway through the page point. Maybe even as early as the end of the month if I'm really hopeful.
Just Nan - Counting Bats is only 3 bands away from complete! It will be photoed and I'll update on it next week.
I also have a very exciting story to share with everyone but am going to wait to hear the "official" word on it. It is stitching related and quite flattering for me. But I'll delve more into it as soon as I can (maybe by next week).

Happy Stitching! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Gig Wins!

Thank you so much to everyone for voting. The voting went the way I was probably leaning if pressed for a response so I feel good about the choice.

The winner, and new chart I am going to buy (plus beads) is Nora Corbett's new pattern "Gigi - Bewitching Pixies". (seen to the right)
I think I have lots of different 32 or lower count fabric to do her on that is a tan/beige/brown look. So once I have the beads and pattern in hand (do a floss pull) then I will evaluate the fabric situation.
However as part of stitch from stash I am forcing myself to IMMEDIATELY pull fabric and pair it up with patterns so that new stuff doesn't go partially ready for stitching.

If you're the curious type (like me!) you may be interested in the results of the survey. 71 responses!

Thanks again for voting! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Witchy Choice - Poll

So, as I'm sure none of you frequent followers will be surprised, I'm in LOVE with the new Nora Corbett Witches! There are two gorgeous gals in this series, but I can only get one (for now) with the bonus that is happening this month with Stitch from Stash!

If you're following along with Stitch from Stash it's a mid-way to the end of year bonus. Everyone has been given a $50 addition to their budget of $25 this month; but you must use the $25 of budget before you can use the $50.

So I can get one of these lovely ladies but not both... (because I want to get beads and pattern, and maybe fabric but gonna check that stash first as I've been trying to!)
And as my DH is being unhelpful in deciding which pattern to choose (lol) I thought my followers know best.
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Thanks for voting! 

I've got a small finish, and maybe even a second one to share with you next time, and I'm already 1/4 of the way through the next Dragons page! (can you tell my Etsy shop has been slow? -but that's not so bad as I get to stitch more).

Thanks for voting and happy stitching!
Oh, and to anyone in SFS2014 sorry if I just added something to your wish list. I blame it on Nora for making amazing designs I just "must" have. (lol)

Friday, June 6, 2014

May - Stitch From Stash Update

Wow delay in posting for May SFS, I know it's terrible. However, I had a crazy bad sinus infection thing that took me right out. From work, home and online as I had headaches that were made 10 times worse by any light. However here I am at the end some antibiotics with only a bit of a cough left so back to business it is! 

So what did I do in May for Stitch From Stash? Well... I bought stuff... cause you know I'm awful. 
I spent $22.56 on patterns from eBay including this gorgeous kit below that I just adore from Sweetheart Tree! 

 Today I spent 3 hours reorganzing some stash to try and "fit in" more items. Looking through it all I purged some more items which is always nice and re-organized so that my drawers will fit more items. Not that I "need" anymore stash but if I can be more economical with my space then why not! (too bad I can't do that with my pocketbook better!)

As I was sick there was no stitching on Dragons or Halloween sampler as they are both on smaller counts. However I did stitch up and finish one of the new Mill Hill Bead kits that is just adorable. It's called "princess carriage" done with the supplied items from the kit which include perforated 14ct paper, DMC floss & gorgeous Mill Hill Beads. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and will finish it with a sticky-back felt and a magnet! Here's some pics.

That's all I've got for right now. I know not a very exciting post. But my priority for the last couple weeks has been just staying alive (lol). I am going to get in some Dragons stitching tonight while the DH is out at the movies. Probably watch some Doctor Who as well, stoked to get back into Dragons.

Happy stitching! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

DRAGONS - Page Finish!!

I'm soooo excited to present to you the latest page finish of Dragons.
This is the fourth last page (only three to go!) and it's the first to be completed on the final top row.
Yep that means the top of the current page finish is the top of the piece!!

Current page just finished (top left corner).

There is an end in sight! I was really starting to think there might not be. This coming August will be 7 years on this piece and I'm determined to finish it before I hit 8.

For those wondering a few notes about this piece you may not know:
- while this is charted exactly like, and looks like a HAED it is in fact a pattern from Character Creations based in New Zealand whom are now defunct.
- the art is by Lisa Hunt and is supposed to represent Judgement card from the major arcana of a Tarot deck.
- most people start these patterns from top left. I start from bottom left and work to the right, then up as I stitch like I'm left handed (even though I'm righty). I learned to do it this way and there is no way I'm ever going to change.
- there are 106 colors of DMC in this pattern. With over 130 skeins to be used. Many colors require 3 or 4 skeins.
- it is being stitched over 1, with 1 thread on 25ct even weave Lugana beige.
- this blog got it's name because a friend told me I seemed to only pick "epic" stitching projects when I started stitching these beloved dragons.

Thanks to everyone whose been here from the beginning and those who've recently joined for continuing on this epic journey with me!
We're soooo close!! :)

Happy Stitching!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stitch From Stash - April 2014

End of April. My gosh as everyone always says where does the time go!
Stitch from Stash had a bit of a speed bump this month but is moving on and with what is an amazing group of stitchers! Chatting with all of you and reading your comments has been very helpful this past week. I wish I could give everyone a huge hug for all their amazingness! :)

I have a lot to report this month as I kept seeing stuff (and then winning auctions) on eBay! I think May needs to be an eBay free month if I can manage.

This month I spent $53.21 on some cute stuff this month including some fun patterns on eBay, some lovely very cheap linen ($13.21 for two 9 x 12 pieces of Jobelean linen!) and succumbed to a pattern I've been craving on HAED for some time.
It's called The Watcher.

Now here is what you need to know about my HAED situation. I'm 7 years into Dragons (not a HAED but designed exactly like one) and I have 32, that's right 32! HAED patterns I already own. Needless to say I had a huge weak moment as I obviously do not need more. It's like a sickness me thinks. :)

In other fun news I won a giveaway on Tricia's blog a couple weeks ago and the cute little Gratitude Sheep pattern arrived today!
 The card is just lovely, it appears that Tricia made it and I just adore the "Happy everything!" sentiment. I think we should all send one happy everything card a month, think of the mail fun for all your friends! :)

Dragons has been coming along and I have a stitching night on Saturday so more progress to come. Counting Bats is being pathetically ignored and I will have to get back to it. 

This past weekend was also ComicCon in my city so of course I spent wayyy too much money but got my geek on and really had a fantastic time. It was the first time my husband came in the 6 years I've been going and I think I've finally got him convinced to come again! I've started a ridiculous collection of unicorn ponies..

See those boxes in the background? They are all the unopened ones! (I got them at 50% off at the very end of the weekend so I feel like they were a sweet deal for something so cute, fun and yes girly, nevermind childish).

Hope you're all doing well and stitching away.We have had snow this past week but it's gone now... so only about two more snowstorms to go likely and we'll be in the clear. I hope! 
For SFS members the newsletter will be out on Friday night! Watch for it! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Herb Garden - Perforated Paper

Let me confess first. I love, and I mean love, these adorable little Bead and Button designs from Mill Hill. They are done on perforated paper and I always have at least one on the go as I just love how easy they are when I'm tired or not feeling well. And sometimes playing with beads and stitching is just what I want to do. :)

So the latest one I started a few months back was from their Spring Series 2013 (I think) called Herb Garden.
Now you won't see my big mistake that I've decided to just go with in these photos, but I started too far to the right on the left edge... very annoying of me. So I'm going to stitch until about halfway through the last vase in the design (5 squares) and just build the border in. Therefore making this one not square, but more tall rectangle. It will work, besides it's not necessarily for sale at my store or even a gift. I just like doing these so I do them and throw many on my fridge for a bit, and then in a drawer (yet, sad but true).

Here's the design in it's entirety:

Here's my stitching so far:

And this is my really fun to use thread holder (sorry for crappy photo):

 As these are the only projects I ever really do that require less than 50 colors I always get a squee when I get to use my cute wood thread holders. I have this square and another in the shape of a paint palette. Super cute and work okay with this amount of thread. Not for every project, and not for everyone but a nice change for me from bobbins.

Hope you're all doing well. We are getting a bit of a reprieve from winter here. But I'm not holding my breath, as we always get more snow into mid-May. 

Don't forget to keep to those budgets if you're in or following SFS2014! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Stitch From Stash Update

End of March already, where does the time go.

I got some good time last weekend into Dragons and am quite pleased to be just over halfway through the page I'm working on. Pics to come soon!

As for what I bought this month; a few things in some different areas.

I got a couple eBay patterns for nice and cheap. Including this one that I just love!

And more Ink Circles. The latest is Lunation (shown below). I got the chart and threads for this. I have a piece of fabric I think will be just perfect for it in my stash. I really need to stop buying Ink Circles and actually stitch some of them, lol. But I swear she reads my mind and creates patterns that are just perfect for me! It was pointed out to me by an Aussie that it was really nice to have two different views of the world and not just North America to stitch. I never would have thought of this and say that I love the attention put into this piece to make it internationally friendly.

So total spent on eBay items (there are about 10 new charts. I know smack me now) and Lunation is $46.11 this month. Thank goodness I have carry over from February!
I'm going to try and avoid eBay a little bit more this month (April). As sometimes I think I buy things on eBay because they are a "great deal" and not because I must have them in my stash. So time to start being picky on eBay the way I have been with new stuff.

Hope you're all doing well. I'm still working through the SFS March updates and newsletter for those in the group will be out by next weekend. I'll share some tips and links here on he blog next weekend for everyone following along as well.

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Help! - Wanting Calendar Girls

How's everyone doing in bland ole March?

Me? I'm not loving March... I never do. I just want to buy stuff!!! But I already have some bids on eBay that will take up budget and I just don't want to be in debt to future months as I think that would be way worse.

So let's talk about my latest loves... maybe you can convince me out of them? (or faun over how much you love them too).
I really don't need anymore continuous patterns for a year set. I don't know why I love them so much, like cottages, and then have nothing to do with them... but damn they draw me in.

So my latest, OMG why didn't I join that yearly group? 
Calendar Girls from Little House Needleworks
Aren't they coming in so cute (one per month this year released):

I mean come on so cute!?
But alas... unnecessary for me. So I will drool and be unable to explain why.

To share my vision; I might actually drop the months but use the vines between the girl and the months, then put the girls on one row side by side... can you see it? I can.

Seeing as how I haven't really stitched much in a long while I really don't need NEW things. And I want to start Turrets after Counting Bats. (which I'd share a pic of but it's pathetic like 20 stitches since you last saw it). And the ever needing to be worked on Dragons calls me (it says you're only 3.5 pages away from done).

However, the store is slowing down (sad for income but good for stitching time); so later this month, or even this coming weekend  might be some good stitching time coming my way.

Alright everyone... I hope you are all doing well and beating the "SMarch" blues (if you get that reference then yeah, if you don't that's okay it's just from a  silly cartoon with yellow people).

Stitch away and know that spring is on it's way. For many of you long before it will be for me!