Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stitch From Stash - April 2014

End of April. My gosh as everyone always says where does the time go!
Stitch from Stash had a bit of a speed bump this month but is moving on and with what is an amazing group of stitchers! Chatting with all of you and reading your comments has been very helpful this past week. I wish I could give everyone a huge hug for all their amazingness! :)

I have a lot to report this month as I kept seeing stuff (and then winning auctions) on eBay! I think May needs to be an eBay free month if I can manage.

This month I spent $53.21 on some cute stuff this month including some fun patterns on eBay, some lovely very cheap linen ($13.21 for two 9 x 12 pieces of Jobelean linen!) and succumbed to a pattern I've been craving on HAED for some time.
It's called The Watcher.

Now here is what you need to know about my HAED situation. I'm 7 years into Dragons (not a HAED but designed exactly like one) and I have 32, that's right 32! HAED patterns I already own. Needless to say I had a huge weak moment as I obviously do not need more. It's like a sickness me thinks. :)

In other fun news I won a giveaway on Tricia's blog a couple weeks ago and the cute little Gratitude Sheep pattern arrived today!
 The card is just lovely, it appears that Tricia made it and I just adore the "Happy everything!" sentiment. I think we should all send one happy everything card a month, think of the mail fun for all your friends! :)

Dragons has been coming along and I have a stitching night on Saturday so more progress to come. Counting Bats is being pathetically ignored and I will have to get back to it. 

This past weekend was also ComicCon in my city so of course I spent wayyy too much money but got my geek on and really had a fantastic time. It was the first time my husband came in the 6 years I've been going and I think I've finally got him convinced to come again! I've started a ridiculous collection of unicorn ponies..

See those boxes in the background? They are all the unopened ones! (I got them at 50% off at the very end of the weekend so I feel like they were a sweet deal for something so cute, fun and yes girly, nevermind childish).

Hope you're all doing well and stitching away.We have had snow this past week but it's gone now... so only about two more snowstorms to go likely and we'll be in the clear. I hope! 
For SFS members the newsletter will be out on Friday night! Watch for it! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Herb Garden - Perforated Paper

Let me confess first. I love, and I mean love, these adorable little Bead and Button designs from Mill Hill. They are done on perforated paper and I always have at least one on the go as I just love how easy they are when I'm tired or not feeling well. And sometimes playing with beads and stitching is just what I want to do. :)

So the latest one I started a few months back was from their Spring Series 2013 (I think) called Herb Garden.
Now you won't see my big mistake that I've decided to just go with in these photos, but I started too far to the right on the left edge... very annoying of me. So I'm going to stitch until about halfway through the last vase in the design (5 squares) and just build the border in. Therefore making this one not square, but more tall rectangle. It will work, besides it's not necessarily for sale at my store or even a gift. I just like doing these so I do them and throw many on my fridge for a bit, and then in a drawer (yet, sad but true).

Here's the design in it's entirety:

Here's my stitching so far:

And this is my really fun to use thread holder (sorry for crappy photo):

 As these are the only projects I ever really do that require less than 50 colors I always get a squee when I get to use my cute wood thread holders. I have this square and another in the shape of a paint palette. Super cute and work okay with this amount of thread. Not for every project, and not for everyone but a nice change for me from bobbins.

Hope you're all doing well. We are getting a bit of a reprieve from winter here. But I'm not holding my breath, as we always get more snow into mid-May. 

Don't forget to keep to those budgets if you're in or following SFS2014!