Friday, January 29, 2010

Giveaway Winner & My Week

I apologize, I have no stitching photos today. It has been a crazy week (so many ups and downs), between the BF's uncle being a wicked car wreck (he is okay, but really banged up), finding out my BFF is probably moving to the Netherlands for sure this summer, a review at work that was so messed up I can't even describe it, and coming to the realization that we will likely not make it to New York as planned as we just don't have the funds (and the BF's car is broken... again). Let's just say I didn't get a lot of stitching done and just haven't had a lot of patience.
But there were really good things too... one of my maps that I design is going to be on display in large format at the Olympics in Vancouver, very cool. And I got my hands on a pattern for free no less, that I have loved forever a discontinued by HAED called "Eternal Promise" by Matt Stewart (it's Arwen and Aragorn from the LOTR) it's just lovely!

Also amoungst the craziness of my week I am thankful for all the things I do have. My amazing BF, a roof over my head, great friends and of course stitching! I know others have had way worse weeks for sure than I have. I just feel like I'm on a roller coaster and am ready for it to slow down a bit.

Okay enough of my whining that is for sure...
We put all the names down, gave them a random number and the BF picked number 16. Which is... *drum roll*


Congrats my friend! I have sent you an email but if you don't get it please feel free to email me (from my email in my profile) so I can get your addy.

Tonight I am looking forward to stitching all night, and catching up on American Idol and Vampire Diaries. Tomorrow we have to move the BIL. *ugh* but then Sunday I get to go on a special trip to my LNS. So that will be awesome.

Happy stitching to everyone and thank you so much for making this blog a success. I love communicating with everyone and have realized that I have made some amazing friends because of the online stitching world. So hugs and thanks to all. 

And don't worry more giveaways to come in the future if you didn't win this round, there will be more chances! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Giveaway & Castles Update

I had a very busy weekend (we hosted a dinner party, had a few friends over on Friday and ran a ton of errands on Saturday, then Sunday watched football, go Saints!). Therefore I got almost no stitching done. However I did continue with trying to get a few stitches into Castles. Here is a pic of the section I'm working on (it's the Peacock):

And here is the entire piece to date (the colour is more accurate in the top one, that brown hand-dyed colour is the true fabric colour, sorry this one didn't work out so well):

Alright... and *finally* the giveaway!
I wanted to offer a giveaway to thank everyone for their support over the last year since I came back to the blogging world. I also hit 100 posts (with this one I think) and now have more than 105 followers! I love all of your comments and really appreciate it! So thank you so much!!!

Here is how it works:
1) You have to be a follower of my blog
2) You have to make a comment on this post (and only this post) that you want to be entered.
3) Please make sure you have an email address attached with your profile or that you post it in your comment (you can leave spaces for spam block if you want).

What do you win?
a) 12"x12" piece of 32 count Belfast linen
b) Black Swan pattern Sweetheart Rose
c) Petite beads in clear white (suitable for the beads on Sweetheart Rose)
d) A backing pattern in pink with white polka dots.
Here is a picture of all the goodies:

Again thank you so much for visiting and best of luck to everyone! I will draw the winner Thursday night and post on Friday morning.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry... giveaway to be posted Monday

Okay... so this week got away from me.
I'm sorry. :(
I will post the giveaway as promised on Monday (and I'll try to make it extra special good).

I only got about 1/2 hour of stitching done in the last two days. I *finally* picked Castles in the Air back up again, I'm so behind on this SAL. But it's moving along a bit quicker now. I hope.

Because I had a coupon (and it was going to expire) I got a treat and bought another heaven and earth designs pattern. (I know you're thinking I'm crazy, don't worry I agree) ;)
It's another Anne Stokes, I just love her stuff. I can't start stitching it right away of course, just too many things already on the go. But here is a picture of her:

Check it out on their site here.

Again, sorry about the giveaway, just didn't have time to work it out and get pics. But I promise on Monday I'll post it.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Olympic Torch, Dragons & A Thank You

I have so many exciting things to share with you today.
But first I wanted to answer some questions I have been asked from my last post (and wow, thank you for so many comments!!).
Nancy - My HAED is on 25 count over one (using one thread).
A few people asked about my Waterlilies colour for Bouquet, the colour is called Rainforest.

So yesterday a family friend carried the Olympic Torch through town, as it's on its way to Vancouver. My camera did okay... most of the pictures are really blurry... but that is user error I'm sure. :(
There were lots of people, which surprised me. And it was kinda moving, everyone had tears in their eyes and stuff (which also surprised me). It was a truly great thing to be a part of though. Here are a few pics:


I did get to hold the torch but the photo didn't really turn out. I'm hoping someone else has one that looks better. But here is the torch up close. It's really quite heavy.

Okay, onto the next. I *finally* took some pictures of dragons. I'm not super happy with these pics. they look kinda distorted on the edges. Not sure if that is my camera or just the angle that I am shooting at. But they work I suppose.
Here is the section I have been working on:

And here is the whole piece to date.

I am showing my uncle (who this piece is for) and his girl  this weekend the progress. I hope my uncle still likes it and that his new girl will like it.

And finally... I hit 101 followers!!! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. I was not expecting to hit 100 that fast. :)
I will do a giveaway as promised by the end of the week. Look for it tomorrow or friday. And again thank you so much for all your comments, views and time spent here. I truly appreciate it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stitching Update & New Camera

So many things to share with you today...
But first, I got a new camera. It's a cute green one by Canon (the SD1200 IS). Just a little point and shoot for me. But so far it's great!
And it has a macro setting that seems to work well for my stitching photos. So the photos below were taken by me, instead of the of the BF. Now maybe I won't have to bug him all the time for photos.

I did (another) virtual stitch-along with Evalina this weekend. I stitched while the BF and I did a Star Wars marathon. I got a lot of stitching done which was great! Including this new start, it's Bouquet for Cheryl. Loving using the Waterlilies for this one:

The next one I worked on was Rose Garden. I have gotten the inner motif done. I hit a bit of a snag, as I realized I have the wrong colour for one of the waterlilies that is next. But a store in town (not my usual LNS) has hooked me up with the right colour for later in the week. So will have to pick that up. (my LNS didn't have it in stock). Here it is so far:

And finally I put a few stitches into Elfland. This is the HAED SAL:

I do have A LOT of progress on Dragons. I've just been lazy and not taken it off the scroll rods for a picture. I promise one later this week.

Also coming  up this week, the Olympic Torch is coming through Calgary, and a family friend gets to carry it 300 meters, so tomorrow I have the day off to go and see! I will take some pics with my new camera.
Also coming up soon, when I hit 100 followers, or 100 posts (whichever comes first, I'm at 97 followers, and 97 posts) then I will have a giveaway! Watch for it!

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comments on my past pieces. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar & Stitching

Well I haven't had that much time to stitch in the last week (again!). Still trying to get back into routines and stuff. And then didn't feel all that great Monday. But I do have some pics to show.
Here is Elfland SK by HAED, coming along...

And an update on my Rose Garden by Chatelaine:

I did also work on Dragons, will update on that later in the week.

And now, onto my review of Avatar.
Short version: Amazing.

Long version: It's very good. The 3D is excellent. Only a few points where it induced vertigo that really caused me trouble. But I just closed my eyes for a bit and it got better. This is good as that is what I was most concerned about, was being too dizzy t sit there. Yes it is long, just under 3 hours, but you barely notice. Yes, the story is unoriginal. But that doesn't take away from it's impact. It's truly beautiful and the 3D is amazing. A whole new way of seeing movies and the art that goes into them.
The verdict: Everyone should see this movie. It's truly groundbreaking.

I'm gonna try to get more time into Dragons this week. I want to get that page done soon, and I don't even think I'm halfway done it!
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stiching Time? What's that?

Wow, it's been a week. A good one and a quick one. But I have only stitched for maybe 2 hours all week! Which is sooo unusual.
So I have no photos to share. Sorry.

But I do have some good news. I have spent the last month or so working on a website for my day job. I'm a print designer but a web designer, however I have learned and it's kinda pretty. It's being approved by the bosses today, but I already know that big boss is very pleased. So I'm excited about that. :)

Also I am seeing Avatar this weekend. I am going to try the 3D and see if my vertigo can handle it. I'm gonna go in prepared to close my eyes if I get nauseous. I have been told it's a "must see" in 3D. So I'm gonna suck it up and see how it goes. *fingers crossed*

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe and warm. I know alot of you are getting pummeled by storms, hang in there it will pass!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Elfland Start & Rose Garden

I got the first page of the Elkland SK the other day though the HAED SAL.
I got motivated to start it through the HAED BB as I saw others had started it and it looked great.
I have started it from the bottom left of this page. So it's kinda like the middle of the SK (it's two pages).
Here is a pic:

And I got some more time (a little) into Rose Garden. Here she is:

I am hoping to get back into the groove of working, stitching etc, as I'm back at the office this week. This will likely (oddly) translate into more stitching than I did over holidays. ;)

Hope everyone had a happy New Year! And thanks for all your comments etc. Look here for a giveaway soon! I am close to 100 posts and will do a giveaway as my 100th.