Monday, July 25, 2011

Halloween Rules

Thank you sooo much to everyone that has commented to welcome me back and the congrats on the ribbon. It's so great to hear from you all!! :)

As many people have asked the ribbon pattern is Cheryls Bouquet by Needlemania. It's available for free online. I stitched it with Wildflowers thread. Just love their variegated stuff.

I have a share for today. This is Lizzie Kates "Halloween Rules". I chose a lime green fabric (it's 28 ct linen I think) and changed a few of the overdyed threads because of the contrast. So far I'm quite pleased with it. It's fun and easy stitching which is a lovely change as well. Here's the latest (about halfway finished):

I'm using my iPhone to facilitate updating my blog. It's camera is pretty good. However if anything is odd or looks funny in this post please let me know as it may be related. it's my first official post like this.

Coming up in the next little bit:
a dragons update (I have another page done) and The memorial pattern for Rene.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Return! (and a Ribbon!)

First I want to thank all my dear friends here in the virtual stitching world for all your supportive emails and comments when I closed this blog down for a bit. I am very pleased to tell you that it's back up and running for business!

I have left my crazy job from before and start at a new and promising workplace on Monday. Doing the same thing I did (design work) but hopefully in a fun and enjoyable new environment. I can't wait to try it all out.
In and amoungst all that turmoil I have gotten more health things under control. Still medicated, still in pain sometimes but can actually manage to eat out once and awhile and went to a movie this afternoon which was sooo exciting! So things have improved for sure.

In stitchy news... I was voted VP for my local needlework guild in June and look forward to that position starting in the fall. And the biggest news.....
It's only third place (at the Western Showcase for the Calgary Stampede) but hey it's a ribbon.
So I won third place in the linen category. Here is a pic of it on display at the showcase:

Lots of other things going on. I'm stitching Halloween Rules (Lizzie Kate), got a sweet package of items I ordered from Karen at Wasatch Needleworks, and am trucking along on dragons (another page is done). I will share these things and more in the next little bit and continue on with my epic stitching chronicle for those interested in following.

The other big piece of news... for all of you who knew Rene LaFrog that we sadly lost at Christmas time. I have done a personal design (with help of a friend whose an artist) that I will be distributed for free via this blog in the next few days.
A huge thanks goes out to Evalina who stitched up the final model.
So please watch for this and perhaps we can all take a night to stitch up a memorial frog for Rene.

I'm happy to be back... however this is a twist. I have cleared out my entire blog list (I had over 400 blogs on it that I followed) and am starting fresh. So if you post here I'll add you to the following list of course, if your profile is not connected to your stitchy blog then please feel free to post it in the comments.

Thank so much everyone and looking forward to catching up and sharing more with you all soon!