Sunday, December 9, 2012

WINNERS of 2012 Biggest Giveaway

Sunday is the new Thursday just so you're aware. I really do need to stop giving myself deadlines that I then move on myself. Better late than never my Grandma always says.
So without further adieu here we go.

The Winners of the Epic Stitching 2012 Biggest Giveaway

There were 96 individual entries into the contest (some people had the max # at 10 entries!).

Using Google's ever famous random number generator the following numbers were selected:
HAED #1   = 65
HAED #2   = 19
Stash Giveaway = 51
Epic Stitching Gift Card = 88

So there you go!
Wait... you want to know which number you were too?!?
Okay I guess I can help with that. :)

HAED Pattern #1 = 65: Debls
HAED Pattern #2 = 19: Joy
Stash Giveaway = 51: McKenna
Epic Stitching Gift Card = 88: Stacy

Each of you will be sent an email regarding your prize shortly (or you can email me).
If I am unable to connect with someone or they decline a redraw will happen.

Thank you so much to all of you for participating. 
And thank you to all of my new followers and to the many of you who have been around for years.
I appreciate all the support in my many different endeavours!!

Coming soon: 
Just Nan Sampler is framed. Pics to come!
Dragons update. I'm about 1/2 through the latest page, so it will be a sneak peek
Cottages update. May is almost done! (man am I behind)
A Mill Hill Santa ornament. A new little project that is a holiday gift for my Mom.

Be back very soon!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


There are somewhere in the ballpark of about 200 entries into this contest!
You guys are awesome and really flatter me with your strive to win!!! :)

I need a night or two to double check everything, put the final list together (with numbers) and then run the random number generator. It will all be absolutely legit. I'll make sure my snake Cronus watches for anything fishy. And if not him then I'm sure one of the other two (who watch me write all these blog posts) will step up if needed.

So I will be back, absolutely no later than Thursday night (this week) to post the winners.

Thanks again everyone. You just make me smile with your excitement. :D