Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finishes & HAED awesomeness

Okay I can barely contain my excitement ladies!!!
I won the HAED challenge to "find Bob" in one of their patterns online. I came in second or third last year and it was so sad, but somehow I managed to find him in only 1/2 hr of looking this morning! Amazing. :)
Michele and Bob are so great and the prize for this contest is one free pattern for each month of 2012. That's 12 new HAED patterns for the year I will get. Wow, I hope I win the lottery so I have time to stitch everything. On top of the 20+ I already own. If you are not familiar with their stuff you have to check them out, they are what makes my stitching "epic" as per the name of this blog. And they are easily one of my top 5 fave designers.

I do have other things to share... I got 2 ornaments finished from the Little House Needleworks line. These always turn out so great. Love them! Both are on 28 ct (I think... I didn't have these pieces marked) and I've used whatever colours I had on hand, as per usual.
Here's Bringing Home the Tree:

I've just realized I forgot to take a picture of the other one which is "toys under the tree" (I think). So I'll get that up shortly.
I've been busy, busy as we all are at this time of year. Starting Friday I have at least 10 days off and can't wait for it!
Though sometimes I find the holiday time off at Christmas is so busy that I get almost no stitching done! Let's hope that's not the case this year.

In case I don't make it back before the big day I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and get to spend some time chilling with a needle in-hand.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dragon has a Head!

I normally wouldn't post again about dragons so soon after just finishing a page. But this was a milestone that I'm just so excited about and wanted to share.
The first of the two dragons in the piece has a head!! Check out his head:

And which means now... he's a real dragon:

It's so exciting to see this piece really coming together and looking like something. Those who've been following on this long (years) journey of mine probably remember when it wasn't much more than blue or green blob (much like Soul Mates is now, lol).
While still only just over halfway complete I really feel like it's just stitching up so much faster. I think I've really improved my over one skills in the years since I started and am just more proficient at it than before.

I've got some bracelets made up in different fibres that I've been using (all Kumihimo) and I started another mill hill kit (mailbox with bird) but I keep forgetting to take pictures! Sorry I will see if I can remember later this week.

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comment. I really appreciate them!