Sunday, August 30, 2015

August SFS2015-A Reporting - WIP Butterfly Update

Well... so I had a budget... and had kept to it. And then I got invited to a private Stash Unload group... and I did pretty good for awhile... until I didn't anymore. AND then my Etsy shop had a killer month (for no apparent reason) and so I had "extra" money (that should have gone to my disaster of a yard project budget that is double the estimate, sigh) but because I needed gratification from the yard disaster I bought more stuff...
I know you're all thinking that your leader for SFS is the crappiest ever. I tend to agree. I'm not inspiring anyone (including myself) at this point.

Carry-over = $11.00
Budget = $25.00
Finish = $0.00
Total = $36.00
Spent = $163.50

Overage = $127.50
Yep I suck. That's really all I can say at this point.

Butterfly WIP Update
Well in good news I've made some progress with my Butterfly. These pictures are from last week and I'm actually a bit further ahead again but not enough to make it worthwhile to take new photos.
This is a Mill Hill kit on perforated paper. I've done a lot of Mill Hill's but I can honestly say this has been one of my absolute favourites. I love the colors, beads and the flow of the pattern. I dunno what makes it better I just know it is. (yep I sound crazy)
Please forgive the bad color in the photos I'm not sure why it's so off and I just can't seem to get it quite right with editing. The background perforated paper is actually a light green or minty green.
My hope is to have it finished and counted for next month's SFS.

Thanks to everyone for your comments on Alice start. I haven't picked her up since because the shop has been so busy but I'll get there. Also did the border of Take Time to Read a few weeks ago and have some comments and things to share on it soon too. 
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Friday, August 21, 2015

NEW 'Epic' Start - Alice

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Well I've finally decided on the next 'epic' piece. You're all going to laugh as it's not so epic as Dragons... but it'll still take me awhile and is the same format so I'm going to say it's the 'epic' piece of choice.

This time it's a real Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) pattern. But of the mini variety.
My husband approved this choice and so we plan to frame and keep it for our home once complete. DH has been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland since I first met him more than a decade ago. He has tattoo plans for Alice items and is always finding comparisons to or references to Alice in everything and anything. We looked at a few Alice themed pieces but decided that this one fit our 'style' best. Our home is very antique/steampunk looking. We have a mix of antiques (Victorian tea box, 1941 typewriter (that works!), spinning wheel, and more) alongside new-ish furniture that is styled to look antique or military (rivets on the coffee table for example). So this Alice seemed to fit nicely into our mood (and it's pretty darn cool which is a big factor too!)

Alice in Clockwork
Finished Design Size 185 W by 232 H 
Artist: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Designer: Heaven & Earth Designs (HAED)

Stitched One over One
On 28ct Platinum Evenweave
DMC floss (86 colors)

Here's my little, itty bitty start: 

And let's not kid ourselves there is no way I am going to type "Alice in Clockwork" for the next however long before I complete this piece. So we will just shorten it to "Alice" now and save any grief later. :) 

Coming up: 
- Stitch From Stash update (I got invited to a unstash facebook group... it's awesome, yet awful...)
- Butterfly from Mill Hill kit is getting very close to being completed, update of it soon
- Take Time to Read from Jeannette Douglass: borders and one motif are complete, update very soon
- Owls is back from the framers (baby piece from a few months ago) and looks great. I'll share it as soon as I take some photos

Thanks so much for dropping by! 

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