Friday, June 25, 2010

Page Finish!!!!

I have finished another page on Judgement Dragons!!! I am so pleased.
And one week ahead of this years schedule. (okay every other project I am doing is way behind but I've made sure this one is not).

Here is the two pages that I finished this year so far:

And here is the whole piece:

I'm so happy that I am finally making good ground on this piece.
6/20 pages done.

In other news:
I got some great mail the other day from Karin.
They are these awesomes goddess bracelets and prayer beads that she sells. Here are the prayer beads. (my photos of the bracelets didn't turn out. :( I will see about getting more photos of them next week)

It's been a ridiculous week at work for me. But I am looking forward to tomorrow when the man and I are getting out of town into the mountains for a short hike to an old mining ghost town.
On the health front, all biopsy reports came back normal. So I'm just medicating for the time being and see what happens. Also waiting for GI to call me back and book an appt. (they are so useless with their bookings it seems). But I am feeling like I am almost a person again. Perhaps not normal but at least not a hospital case. So that is good.

Next week: Updates on Hummingbirds and Elfland.

Monday, June 21, 2010

New Start: Hummingbirds & Cheryl's Bouquet

I have a new start to share with you all. It's a Hummingbird bellpull design from Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I think sometime last year. It's on a beautifully dyed 28ct linen (over 2), it looks like sky in the background (the pic doesn't do it all that much justice)
I am doing it up for my Grandmother (who is recently widowed) to try and brighten up the house with some items that are just her.
Here it is so far:

I also worked a bit on Cheryl's Bouquet as a part of two SAL's.
Here it is, the start of the outer motif.

In other news a friend of mine and myself are season ticket holders (new to me this year!) of the Calgary Stampeders. It's Canadian Football League. They had their first preseason game on a very sunny and hot Sunday.
Here are a few pics to share:

Every time our team scores this lady on her specially trained horse rides up and down the sidelines. It's one of my favourite things that is unique to our team!

In other news... tests went well on Friday. So far it has all come back normal, we are waiting for biopsy reports. I see my family doc on Thurs to discuss continuing meds and a plan. So far it seems that we will not get a solid diagnosis and in the meantime are just trying to find a cocktail of meds that keep me going. It's so much better than two months ago so to me it seems brilliant. ;)

Thanks for all your encouragement last week. It really helped me to get through the tests. Ohh. and my flowers are growing! I will share pics of them next time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stitching & Flowers

This update is a week overdue. I apologize for that as I have been so busy and have just gotten back a few hours ago from procedures at the hospital. So if this post appears disorganized or I write things that don't make sense I blame it on the drugs that are still wearing off. ;)
(the procedure went fine, will get results back in the next few weeks)

But enough about that let's talking stitching and flowers!

I had a stitching day with some local stitchers at my house last Saturday. It was great fun. Even if it was smoking hot at my apartment. (which ironically was followed up by a week or straight rain).
But I did get some great progress on dragons. I am sooo close to a page finish and should have no problem reaching my goal of the end of the month for this page.
Here is teaser of what is left to stitch of the dragons page (I will update the full piece when the page is done):

I have also been making some progress on my pirate. Here he is so far:

In non-stitching related news, for the first time ever, I planted my own planters and herbs on the patio. I am sooo excited. The pansies are doing better now than this pic shows. But here are my marigold planter, pansy planter and herb tray:

I also bought a pre-planted hanging basket:

Now the goal is to not kill them. I am hopeful that I can do it. ;)

I also have a new start on some hummingbirds for my Grandma (a surprise for her when I go to visit her, or if I get them done fast enough when she comes here in a few weeks. This is the Grandma that just lost her husband and I just wanted to brighter her house a little bit with something). So pics of that to come soon.
And it is sampler weekend so Cheryl's Bouquet will get some attention. Somehow I managed to miss the sampler weekend last month. But will get back to it this month.

I am so sorry that I continue to have a hard time keeping up with everyone's blogs. I am just not as fast or quick as I used to be it seems. Or just need to sleep and rest more. Stupid medication and such.
But as summer approaches I am hoping to get my life back in order a bit more. And we will see what these latest test results bring back. I am hopeful that we are getting closer to a medication combination that will actually allow me to have a somewhat normal life again.

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog through these last six months, I know it has not been as 'stitchy' lately, but I will get there again I hope.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Winners, Elfland & Stash

I pulled the names of the winners for the giveaways posted last night...
For the floral set of patterns we have:

For the religious set of patterns we have:

I have sent you both emails to confirm and get your addresses. Congrats to you both. Thanks to everyone who entered.
Everyone else, don't fret... coming up in just a few short weeks, or maybe even next week, I will have another giveaway. This time it will include at least one Teresa Wentzler pattern (and other items I have yet to figure out).

In other news it was the last SAL for the Elfland HAED SK this weekend. So I worked on mine. I am sooo far behind in this. There is a new SAL starting on the  BB on the 1st of July and I haven't finished page 1 (of 2) of this one yet! But of course that won't stop me from being a part of the next one. lol.
Here is Elfland so far:

I also had a chance to go to my LNS. I paid for and confirmed a 12-hour stitch at the store in July and RETREAT! I am sooo excited it will be my first retreat, it's on the September long weekend.
I also picked up a few things including this awesome fabric for my Halloween Tree:

That's all for now. I'm chugging along with my dragons. I should be able to make my goal of the page finish by the end of June. And I have a stitching day on Saturday coming up with some girls coming over to my place for the first time ever. I am working out snacks and other goodies to have that day. :)

(oh, for those curious on the medical front... I have another med change yesterday... and a hospital procedure next week, but I'll give more info on it as we get closer, for the time being still alive so that is what counts)

Thanks for visiting! I love all your comments and really appreciate them!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Double Giveaway!

As promised a giveaway. But there is a bonus, it's actually two giveaways. Two different packages, you can choose to be entered for both or just one, whatever is to your taste.
The items in both giveaways are from stash that I inherited from my Mom (who no longer stitches) and from a friends Mom (who passed away). I know I will never stitch any of these, in the case of the florals I have already done a few of them for projects. They are just not to my taste anymore and I thought maybe they could find a good home where they will be appreciated and used. They are gently used, some have some corners or scratches on them. But they all have all their pages without any markings on them.

So... what are the giveaways you ask?
They are:

Package #1:
This package is a bit of a spring fling, it consists of three books of patterns of florals.
As seen here (clickable thumbnail so you can see them better):

Package #2:
Is three patterns of lovely religious sayings. (religious is just not my speed, but I know that someone will love them, or so I hope!)
As seen here (clickable thumbnail so you can see them better):

How do you enter you ask?
That is easy... just post a comment here, let me know which package you want to be entered for (you can say both, or just pick one over the other, whatever is to your taste).
You have to be a follower of my blog to be eligible (so I can track you down!) and have your email address in your profile OR include your email in your comment. If I draw a name and cannot find an email for the winner I will redraw. (sorry but it's too much work, as I have learned, to try and track down people).

I will ship anywhere in the world.
Drawing will take place Monday, June 7th. So you have until Monday at 5:00pm MST (my time zone) to place your comment to be entered.

Questions? Leave me a comment and I will answer.

I did work some on dragons and soulmates this week but didn't get to taking pics. Those will come in the near future, promise!