Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April SFS2015-A Reporting

This is the place to log-in/report for all participating bloggers in SFS2015-A group.
This link list to report for April (for bloggers) will remain open from April 21 - 29.

Of course we want pictures and more information if you'd like!! This is merely the minimum requirement for reporting. Please ensure you link to the exact SFS post on your blog and not your general blog page.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Sampler WIP

You probably don't remember... but I was working on a gift baby sampler back in December/January. Well... I'm still working on it. But it's close to being done. I was hoping to finish it on the holiday weekend but alas that didn't happen. Then I decided, ah why not, I'll share it anyways!!

This is a super cute design. I am not a big "baby design" pastel person but love the saying in this and the colors. I made one single change which is to make the hearts a pale pink instead of white (as they were being lost on my fabric, but also cause the sampler is for two little girls so it seemed like some pink was needed). The design is from Cherry Hill Stitchery and it appears the name is just "Birth Sampler". Here it is, almost done. Owl to be finished, and two names being added to the bottom (for the two girls in the family).

I have to say I'm appreciating good old DMC on 32 ct linen. It is a nice simple change for me to work on. No fussy silk, over 1 on 25 or fancy stitches. That said, I'm starting a Jeannette Douglass as soon as this is finished and will be back to my usual 'epic' elements in my stitching.
This is my first Silkweavers fabric that I've ever stitched and OMG I think I'm in love!!! The softness of this fabric is unparalleled. I think I have  cashmere yarn that isn't this soft. And the hand-dyed colours are truly incredible. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Other WIPs: 
I have been working on Dragons and will show a 1/3 or 1/2 page update now that we are in the home stretch!! I think I'm almost afraid to finish this last page, and yet eager to get it finished. It's a weird scenario in my mind right now.
As mentioned above, a new Jeannette piece will be started after the sampler.
My husband has also moved some artwork in our main room around (to accommodate the record player set-up that we bought. Yes genuine 1970's turntable, amp & speakers) and he has asked me to work on the Ink Circles piece that reminds us of our trip to the Netherlands a couple years ago. So that will be getting started (likely after dragons).
And then of course, when dragons is done... a new epic, epic piece will need to be chosen! And I have a lot of options with 50+ HAED designs, plus a few other designs with similar painting style stitching.
Whew, good thing 2015 isn't half over yet as I suddenly feel like I have a lot of goals that aren't set up are going to happen this year! :)