Friday, July 24, 2009


Alright, so my holidays start in approximately 5 hours! :)
I am going away with my B/F to visit family in BC. We will be without internet or email (except for phone access) but are going to try and not check very much at all. As a designer that sits in front of a computer all day, I do love my computer and the internet but sometimes you just need a break!
So forgive me if I don't answer blogs/emails/yahoo groups for a week.

My wonderful B/F went to my LNS and picked up my order of threads last night (as I was in a meeting) so that I can start two new projects in the car on the way to BC. We have an 8 hour drive ahead of us tomorrow.
They are from my stash purchase just three posts below.

This one is the moon mirror. Here is my small start (I have started both last night just so that I could A) get pics for you all B) know where to start in the car cause it's easier than counting. :)
(the photos of the project are from a book, so hard to see... sorry but thought you could at least get the idea).

And this is the tiny witch ornament that says: No magic until I've had my coffee. I'm going to hang this in my cubicle at work as I am often referred to as the "magic worker" when it comes to fixing file and designs.

As I expect both to be done while I'm away (as they are small) I won't update my sidebar until I return, hopefully with two new finishes!

Well I hope you all have a great week. And I look forward to catching up when we return and posting photos, both stitching and scenic for you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A pirate finish... and more!

Well I'm happy to say that I *finally* finished the first of four pirates from Sue Hillis Designs that I am doing up. We are putting them in our bathroom and will just switch the one out for another every few months. My B/F loves pirates so our bathroom will be pirate themed sometime soon! :)

Here is a picture of beatings finished:

And what does this finish mean?
A new start. But it has to be another pirate.
So I started the Love Pirate. Here is the design:

And here is my start on it. This is on Summer Khaki Cashel Linen 28ct. The one above was on Mushroom Evenweave (they just didn't have the same material when I went in for more, but that is ok. The next three pirates will be on the Summer Khaki but I don't mind that they are different as the won't be side by side on the wall)

I also put a few more stitches into my Papillion SAL part 3. I know sad that I haven't gotten this done yet even with the delay on part 4 but that is okay. I knew I likely wouldn't keep up on this one.

We have only four more days until holidays! It will be an internet free holiday as we are headed to the mountains but I will likely update one more time before I go. And maybe even have my christmas ornament finished beforehand. While I am gone I hope to start my moon mirror or maybe one of the witch ornaments from when I bought stash at my LNS last time. :)
Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A giveaway...

I have come across a giveaway on Jolene's blog for a lovely pattern.
If you are interested check it out here:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A quick update

Well things continue to be busy and out of control for myself and my b/f. While we are doing great things... there seems to be alot of stress as well. It's very stressful at my office right now and I just can't seem to count down the days to my holidays (next saturday they start!) fast enough! During my holidays I may be able to get some good stitching time in so I just can't wait.

B/F and I did more hiking, enjoyed the Calgary Stampede, and tragically watched someone hit a deer this past weekend. The deer did not survive but the people in the car did.
So it's been fairly busy and all over the place.

I did, sadly, have to drop out of my Christmas exchange (we didn't have assigned partners so that it was flexible) with my ILCS Yahoo group. Sad, but I just don't think I can take anymore stress right now and I wasn't sure I'd make the deadline. but I will still finish the ornament and either keep it, or RAK it or something.

At any rate I have a few WIP pictures for you this week...

Judgement Dragons... I am still trying to put in one full night a week on this project. It's going soooo slowly. But here is more progress. I'd love to have Page 3 done by the end of July but that is doubtful. So here's hoping for August.

Can you believe I am still working on this pirate?
I can't... it's progressing though.

And here is the progress on my ornament. I will finish this one up shortly so that I at least have a finish on the books! seems like it's been forever since I had one.

As always thanks so much for visiting. I am trying to get around to everyone's blogs again. I should be able to keep up for another week or so until I leave for holidays.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back with... LNS Trip and Progress Updates

Well... I had my five days off. They were fun-filled and very busy. Between Canada Day celebrations, a football game, a wedding, a family BBQ, a hike up a mountain and a trip to my LNS it seems like my five days off were more like five days of insantiy!
But they were good and fun so that is alright.
I am catching up on emails and blogs so bare with me.

But I do have some updates for you all...
I had a trip to my LNS with my MIL and BF. My MIL had not been there before and was so overwhelmed. It was great to see her be so excited about cross stitching! She does stitch and I was happy to get a chance to take her there.
And of course while we were there how could I resist but add to that stash! :)
Here is what I picked up:

The next three pirate patterns from Sue Hillis designs and material (28ct Summer Khaki Cashel Linen). One of these is courtesy Lory on my ILCS Yahoo Group! So thank you to Lory!! She also sent me Tools of the Trade that I will pick up supplies next time for.

We did a big amazon order a week ago and got lucky that the items came in on Friday. This book was in the order... so I got it from amazon. It's so pretty! And then some material to go with some of the projects that I tried to photograph as well for you to see.

I love this green so much! And am so happy I picked some up and found a great Halloween pattern or two to do on it. I believe it is a 28ct Linen.

And these two on this lovely hand-dyed, fittingly called Dragon's Mist, it's a 30ct Linen I think.

So that was the trip... and onto some updates of stitching. I have touched all of my projects in the sidebar in the last week. I have updated pictures for two of them that I am concentrating on right now.
The duck...

And the ornament for my ILCS exchange. That I need to get done, finished and in the hands of the moderator by July 22. Gotta get moving on it! :)

Coming up: Well I will be around for about three weeks now and should get some good stitching done I hope (before my next set of holidays). I will have updates on Judgement Dragons and my Papillion SAL next time. I know.. the SAL is late coming up with part 4 which is ok because I'm not even halfway done part 3. I might actually catch up because of it!

Thank you so much for your patience with my being away and as always thank you for your lovely comments! I love all of them!