Monday, February 28, 2011

All kinds of Project Updates

Where does the time go?
I can't believe how fast February went by!

Well had my birthday and it was awesome. Got some gift cards and things for stitching/beading stuff.
Also got this amazing heart in the mail from Evalina. She is too kind and sends me so much great stuff!
Here it is:

My canvaswork is coming along. Some sections better than others. But have a few. This little piece will the top flap:

There is a mistake in the large one on the left-hand side. I haven't decided if I'm frogging it or not, for now I'm leaving it.
And this is the main body (it also folds into two).

I'm also working away at beading. I'm really pleased that I have odd-count peyote worked out. It looks so tiny here to me, it took forever just to get that much done! This one will be a gift for my sister:

And finally… the Santa from Mill Hill. Here he is with all the cross stitches done. Now just onto the beading.

I know I promised a giveaway, but it's been snowy and very cold here (-30C) so I haven't had a chance to get to the store to see about some new stuff. I do have a few things at home… so I will see if I can put together something this week.

I am close to a page finish on Dragons. Will be working that one this week.
Thanks for all your comments! I love each and everyone of them!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frog Exchange!

On my ILCS Yahoo Group we held a frog themed exchange in memory of Rene.
I received mine the other day and it's sooo pretty!
This is from Amy. I have never stitched a biscornu so it was lovely to get one that I can put on my stitching table. I just love it. And the threads to go with it are awesome and colours I adore. Can't wait to find something Halloween related to use that orange one with.
Thank you, thank you Amy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bracelet & Gifts

Finally got a picture of my first attempt at peyote stitch. The b/f helped me out, these beads are so tiny it's impossible for my little camera to focus on them, so we had to get the big guns out. :)
So this is peyote (odd-count) stitch. I'm gonna get some more beads and make up some basic bracelets to start. But it's really easy to do actually and quite quick. I like it!

My birthday is next week, but I've already got some early gifts coming in. A HUGE thank you to Evalina who graciously gifted me with a HAED pattern I'd been dying to get. It's Swan Song. Sooo pretty!

I also did a little bit of my own pre-birthday shopping last week, got the first three in the new Lizzie Kate Halloween set called "Halloween rules". It's just too cute. The whole piece looks like this:

And since my gift from Evalina (again, I know she's awesome right!) at Christmas I am loving the perforated paper that my Santa is on. So I got these cute masks from Mill Hill also done on the paper.

More updates coming later this week with some progress pics.
Giveaway will be next week (likely closing after my birthday on the 22nd, watch for it!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Faerie Bride HAED & Wedding Sampler

I have updates of Faerie Bride and the Wedding sampler to share with you all. Forgive the bad photos. I didn't realize how bad they were until I got them on my computer. I will do better next time promise.
Here's Faerie Bride (HAED). I am hating the confetti on this one, dunno why it's different from other confetti but I really don't like it. So having to force myself to get through it. Thankfully I think I"m past the worst of it for a bit. To date:

The other piece I've worked on a lot more (and it's quick to stitch) is the Big Toe Designs Wedding Sampler for my friends. I'm liking this one alot, it's quick and easy. But it's also on a gorgeous linen with silks. This picture does not do it justice unfortuantely, but here it is regardless:

I had a breakthrough on my canvas piece that I was really struggling with last night. So an update of that coming up.
Also last weekend I taught myself to do odd-count peyote stitch, but none of my photos of the little practice bracelet turned out (all blurry) so I'll get B/F to take a pic with the fancy camera for next time. Up on the agenda is to learn even-count peyote stitch, I'm struggling with the turn around, so any tips would be appreciated!
(I know as if I needed more different crafts to do, but what can you do) :)

Teaser: My birthday is coming up near the end of Feb. So watch for another blog giveaway later this month. It will be multiple different packages to win again as that seems to be the post popular, smaller packages but more winners! :)

Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding Sampler & Santa Updates

Last weekend was a 12hr stitch at my LNS. I couldn't seem to stay on one project for long that day but did get some progress on my canvaswork and some great progress on the wedding piece for my friends.
I was lazy and didn't take it off the scrollbars... forgive me. It's stitching up quite quick which is nice. Here it is to date:

I have also been picking up my Mill Hill Santa when it's later at night or I'm just tired.
It's so nice to have one project that is simple, especially when I'm fighting with learning canvas.
Here is the Santa to date:

Hope everyone has a great weekend.