Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Finishes & HAED awesomeness

Okay I can barely contain my excitement ladies!!!
I won the HAED challenge to "find Bob" in one of their patterns online. I came in second or third last year and it was so sad, but somehow I managed to find him in only 1/2 hr of looking this morning! Amazing. :)
Michele and Bob are so great and the prize for this contest is one free pattern for each month of 2012. That's 12 new HAED patterns for the year I will get. Wow, I hope I win the lottery so I have time to stitch everything. On top of the 20+ I already own. If you are not familiar with their stuff you have to check them out, they are what makes my stitching "epic" as per the name of this blog. And they are easily one of my top 5 fave designers.

I do have other things to share... I got 2 ornaments finished from the Little House Needleworks line. These always turn out so great. Love them! Both are on 28 ct (I think... I didn't have these pieces marked) and I've used whatever colours I had on hand, as per usual.
Here's Bringing Home the Tree:

I've just realized I forgot to take a picture of the other one which is "toys under the tree" (I think). So I'll get that up shortly.
I've been busy, busy as we all are at this time of year. Starting Friday I have at least 10 days off and can't wait for it!
Though sometimes I find the holiday time off at Christmas is so busy that I get almost no stitching done! Let's hope that's not the case this year.

In case I don't make it back before the big day I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and get to spend some time chilling with a needle in-hand.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dragon has a Head!

I normally wouldn't post again about dragons so soon after just finishing a page. But this was a milestone that I'm just so excited about and wanted to share.
The first of the two dragons in the piece has a head!! Check out his head:

And which means now... he's a real dragon:

It's so exciting to see this piece really coming together and looking like something. Those who've been following on this long (years) journey of mine probably remember when it wasn't much more than blue or green blob (much like Soul Mates is now, lol).
While still only just over halfway complete I really feel like it's just stitching up so much faster. I think I've really improved my over one skills in the years since I started and am just more proficient at it than before.

I've got some bracelets made up in different fibres that I've been using (all Kumihimo) and I started another mill hill kit (mailbox with bird) but I keep forgetting to take pictures! Sorry I will see if I can remember later this week.

Thanks for visiting and all your lovely comment. I really appreciate them!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mill Hill Finish & HAED Soulmates Update

I've got a few pictures to show you today of pieces that haven't been seen in forever!
First up is a Mill Hill Santa. I just adore their bead kits. They are easy to do when I am having a bad day and don't feel so great. (I don't work on HAEDs or anything too complicated then as usually I just end up frogging it all out the next day).
This little guy I finished late last week. He's one of the Southwestern ones.

With a few finishes out of the way I've been working on some really big projects that I haven't touched in forever.
Maybe some of you remember Soulmates from HAED that I kitted up last year? I barely did that's for sure. lol. I picked her up and got one of the teeny tiny 1/10 of a pages from the bottom row done. So here's what it looks like so far:
(essentially a blue blob. Not so exciting, but it's progress. Click here for a link to what it will look like.)

Winners from the giveaway your packages went in the mail last week. Please give them some time to get to you. They are all going to the US and from Canada at this time of year it takes even more forever than usual to arrive.

I hope everyone is doing well. I worked on a number of Kumihimo bracelets this weekend with some different fun fibres. I'll try and remember to take some pictures for the next update. I also picked up on the next page of Dragons, and even some of the first page of Swan Song.(one bonus to dropping my stitching guild, I now feel less pressure to do group projects and things and can go back to stitching all the things I want to stitch! I think that will mean some serious progress on my HAEDs and dragons.)

Thank you so much for all your comments I really appreciate them!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dragons... finally an update

It's been over 3 months since I had a page finish on Dragons. I know that means I'm a bit behind schedule (dratted Halloween Rules ate up a lot of summer time!). Maybe I'll be able to somehow, magically get the fourth page of the year done by Xmas... but i doubt it. Ah well in the long run of the years I've been working on this I suppose a few extra months here or there won't really matter.

So here Dragons be, with one page past halfway complete. I love that you can finally start to really see what it is and the one dragon, can't wait to see that second one up above show up!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finishes & giveaway winners announced

I've got just a few finishes to share with you all today!
(and the winners of giveaway packages are at the end of the post).

First up I'd love to share with you my finish of Jeanette Douglass' "Take Time for Friends" piece. I LOVED working on this piece. So much that I'm going to start Once Upon a Tree when I get the fabric I ordered. I just love all her neat little stitches and the way it all stitches up. This didn't take me long at all to complete. On 32 ct linen using the thread pack:

Next up I did up a bunch of ornaments and items for a friends fundraiser. The basket included some homemade Christmas cards I made and other sweet goodies (Including a framed picture of one of my BFs amazing frost photographs). The basket brought in $70 which made me happy! These are all the ornaments I finished up for it:

In other news... the piece that I donated to JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation), my Cheryls Bouquet that won ribbons this past year in competition brought in $275!!! I am so pleased with that. :) And now it hangs in some strangers home. A bit odd, lol, but I'm so happy I gave it away. (but kept the ribbons of course)

And the reason you're all here... to see if you won!
As I said in my previous post, everyone got entries for doing specific things. How I do it is that for each entry you get a number, then I just go to a random number generator online and it picks my winners.
They are:
1) Mindi
2) Nancy (little bit of stitching)
3) Linda (Blu)

If each of you can please contact me (or answer the email I sent you) and let me know some of your likes, ie: butterflies, dragons, hearts, turtles, religious, beaches etc. Whatever it is you like to stitch the most and I am going to put together packages that are unique for each person (and hopefully to their taste!).

Later this week: I'm got exciting news for later this week. I've got a dragons page finish! But I didn't want to overload this post... so I'm saving it for a few days from now. So be sure to come back and check it out, I'm over the halfway point in the dragons piece now!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Beading, finish & GIVEAWAY!!!

After many trial and error moments in beading I think I finally found a type that I really understand. So far it's been the square stitch. This pattern is from Bead & Button magazine. I've changed the colours for Christmas. Its very time consuming So far it looks like this:

Further from that I've been working on some ornaments to donate to a friends charity event. Today in a few hours I finished this 2009 Just Nan pattern "over the top" tin. Here's the stitching (I am going to finish it this weekend):

Finally. Why you're all here. Lol.
A new giveaway. As always rules are:
1) you have to be a follower
2) You have to have an email address in your post or on your profile. If I pull your name and can't get your email within a few minutes then I will pull another.
3) post a comment to be entered on this post
4) if you post about this giveaway on your blog you get a bonus entry (just make a note in your comment that you did please!!)

The prizes:
There will be 3 packages. 2 stitchy ones. And 1 beading one. Once I have winners I will ask for likes, dislikes etc and customize the package for you!! :)

Finally, it's been a tough week. Especially with some stitchy stuff. But it's gotten better and I'm so glad to have my online community. You guys are great.
Good stitching!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 finishes/2 wips (and a retreat)

It's been awhile, however that does mean I have some photos of stitchy stuff both in progress and completed to share.
Let's start with the biggie. This was our Guild stitching project for last year. I actually finished it awhile ago, but seem to have forgotten to post it. It's a Carolyn Mitchell pattern called "Pocket with a View". I changed the colours to orange/red/peach tones as I was not a fan of blues she used. Each member in our guild that did this project used different colours and it was amazing to see how different they all came out.
Check mine out:


My other finish is just a little ornament that I am going to finish to donate to a friends silent auction for an Xmas basket. I'm going to try and finish a few more (one you'll see as a WIP today) to donate as well. This one is on linen I think it's 28ct Mushroom (it was in stash) and the thread is Holly by Carrie's Threads. I love her threads and variegations. The pattern is from this year's Just Cross Stitch Magazine, ornament edition.

I also have two WIPs to share. The absolutely gorgeous Jeannette Douglass piece I am working on called "Time for Friends". I love all the stitches (okay except the queen stitch it was a pain) and the way it all looks is just great. Jeannette has a series of these you can check out. I used her thread pack that makes it much more affordable to use all the nice silks etc. I love her pattern and work so much that I already went and got a few more of hers (including Once Upon a Tree from JS Magazine) to do up even though I haven't finished this one!
This is on 32ct linen, sorry can't remember the colour, probably natural or something like that.

Lastly I have the an ornament from 2010 ornaments series #8, frosty flakes. I substitued the colours for some threads I have on hand. The background is 40 ct linen, I think it's called Mocha.

The last comments I have to make are more personal. I attended a retreat this past weekend (same as last year) and it was so disappointing. Many things were just not right for me, plus then there was more bad news as the weekend progresses. Out of respect to people involved I will not divulge any details but let's just say it made stitching a bit sour for me this weekend. So now this week I'm hunkering down when I can to try and get some stitching done that I had hoped to get done at the retreat.

However, in an effort to feel awesome about stitching again and be reminded that I have lots of stitchy friends (really supportive ones here at home that have been awesome) and of course all of you my online friends I am going to host a giveaway on the next post. I will not promise when as I'm so bad at making those deadlines (and have to not make up stupid deadines that cause stress)... however it is coming, watch for it!
Thanks for reading this far. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ornament finish and new start

I have been stitching tons as always. Set up a few new projects including Swan Song by Nene Thomas designed by HAED. Another epic piece (like I needed more). Lol.

However I have s finish to share. A little ornament that will be part of a gift basket for a silent auction. It's on 32 ct blue spruce linen with #4 silver 001 silver Krenik. The pattern is from this years Just Cross Stitch magazine by Courtney Collection called Twinkle.

I have another new start. A gorgeous pattern from Jeannette Douglass called "Take Time for Friends". I love the varigations in this silk. Threads are from the pack that goes with this pattern. It's a 28 (I think) linen.

Overall I've been doing really well. Reclaiming my life, smiling and in less pain. It's a great feeling. Thanks to all of you who've been on this hard journey with me. It will never be perfect but really what is.
Happy stitching!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

2nd Stocking Finish

After a 12 hour stitch day at my LNS yesterday I have the second stocking for my little brother done. Here it is:

I also had a pretty brutal day on Thursday and had the most lively surprise when I got home. My man has been with me for years. And he's never once brought home flowers. He always brings me great gifts like books or music. But Thursday I had a huge surprise. He brought me home gorgeous flowers. Here ae the lilies and roses:

They smell amazing!!

Not too much else to share. I've bought a bunch of new stitchy stuff. But will share as I start things. I did start a new Jeanette Douglass pattern that I'll share soon.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Another finish and an amazing gift

Housekeeping: a number of people asked me about the dragon piece from last post. My bad for not posting the designer bits Joan Elliott. From her book "bewitching stitching". I got my copy from Amazon.

So believe it or not I actually have another finish. I think in the last few months I have tripled my finishes for last year. :)
I finally got around to doing one of the stockings on the list for this year. This one is for my sister:

I also got an amazing gift from my BFF. She is living in the Netherlands right now so I am missing her tons.
The other day in the mail she sent me this adorable little needle holder that she made:

Included inside one of the pockets to this wonderful gift was her stitching for Renes memory piece!! It's so adorable and tiny and has a place of honor on my stitching table. So thoughtful!

It is the first (besides Evalinas model) that I have seen stitched up and I just love it. Keeping the memory of Rene alive.

That's all for now. I have been stitching dragons again, have another stocking to do up. And as always tons of new charts and projects coming in that are just begging for attention.

Thanks so much for reading. I love and adore everyone's comments.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween rules finish

For the first time in forever I managed to actually finish a "larger than an ornament" piece in less than 6 months!
This summer I spent a huge chunk of time stitching up Lizzie Kates Halloween rules. It was such a fun stitch. Here's my finish on lime green 32 ct linen with various overdyed threads:

I have a few other things to share. Amazingly two more finishes! Though little ones. Both I did over the summer. (yes dragons has been neglected but I'll get back to it)
Here's a cute ornament from this years Xmas ornament preview from Just Nan. I changed the colours to some silks i had on hand. And you can see that it makes it much less christmasey.

The last finish is one of a three set. The first is a dragon. The next two are a snowy owl and a unicorn (of course can't wait to do the unicorn).

Even more amazing than 3 finishes. I think I'm keeping them all!

I've got a few other things in the works. I know I'm not posting as much but maybe I'll get better as I get back into the swing of things. I picked up the Halloween book from just cross stitch magazine and can't wait to do the geometric sampler in it! My favorite: geometrics and Halloween! If it had a unicorn or dragon it would be perfect. Lol.

Hope everyone is stitching away. And enjoying the colours as the leaves start to change.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Pattern - Rene's Frog

As a graphic designer many people have encouraged me to design my own cross stitch pattern. With the help of a friend who is an amazing artist and a great friend and stitcher to do up the model for me I've finally managed to put one together.

Rene's Frog as Stitched by Evalina
The free pattern you can download below is in memory of Rene LaFrog. Rene was a kindhearted friend and stitcher to the blog community but also one of the moderators on the ILCS Yahoo Group. Over my time with ILCS and blogging I had the pleasure of chatting witih Rene and getting to know her a bit more. While I never met her in person I truly felt as though we knew each other so well. As I know many of us feel about our blogging friends.

The last year of Rene's life was a tough one for her. Not knowing what was happening was scary for her as her body was shutting down and causing her pain and grief. At one point I had sent Rene a newly released Victoria Sampler pattern. She loved their designs and as it was brand-new so I figured she hadn't seen it yet. I was tickled with she received the friendship pattern and was so excited. Her email to me was so cute and thankful. She even said she'd do the project up for me! That's just the kind of lady Rene was. She'd always give back when given to. While I know that only a few stitches went into that project before she was sent for hospice care I will always treasure the memory of bringing her a little bit of happiness near the end of her days with us.

So I put my foot through the door of designing patterns and came up with this cute and happy frog in memory of Rene. Please feel free to download this pattern, copy it, send it to others and share it with anyone you feel would love it. The blog button in memory of Rene that I created in January was so well received by the community and still prominently featured on so many blogs that I thought (and hope) that there are stitchers out there who would want to do a small stitching project for Rene. I'm so proud to release this first design in memory of an amazing lady and friend.

I encourage everyone to use your own colours in this project. Dig into your stash and see what you have. Pick colours and fabric that remind you of Rene.
In addition if you wish just stitch the frog. He could brighten any area with his endearing smile.

A huge thank you to Amy Vickery, the artist that drew the frog for me before it was charted, and to Evalina Marie, a blogger and stitcher I know many of you know. She has been a very dear friend to me these past couple of years and she graciously stitched the model for me and confirmed that the pattern makes sense and is stitchable!

So please, enjoy this pattern. I'm so pleased to share it with everyone.
And finally to Rene, know that you are missed and not forgotten my friend.

Link to download pattern.
(clicking on this link will automatically download a PDF with the pattern enclosed).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dragons update - officially halfway

As promised last week I have an update on my dragons piece. Following with my schedule for the year (I'm a few weeks behind but not too bad) I got another page finish in the last 3 months. This officially brings me up to the halfway point!!
Though I must admit that I was sick of it for a bit. But with Lizzie Kates "Halloween Rules" as an easy stitch break it's been better. So here is the page finish:

And the whole piece to date:

I just adore how this looks from far away and am so pleased as it progresses.

coming soon: the pattern that is going to be available for free in memory of Rene. I cannot wait to share it with you all. But I have to finish the title page first. :)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Halloween Rules

Thank you sooo much to everyone that has commented to welcome me back and the congrats on the ribbon. It's so great to hear from you all!! :)

As many people have asked the ribbon pattern is Cheryls Bouquet by Needlemania. It's available for free online. I stitched it with Wildflowers thread. Just love their variegated stuff.

I have a share for today. This is Lizzie Kates "Halloween Rules". I chose a lime green fabric (it's 28 ct linen I think) and changed a few of the overdyed threads because of the contrast. So far I'm quite pleased with it. It's fun and easy stitching which is a lovely change as well. Here's the latest (about halfway finished):

I'm using my iPhone to facilitate updating my blog. It's camera is pretty good. However if anything is odd or looks funny in this post please let me know as it may be related. it's my first official post like this.

Coming up in the next little bit:
a dragons update (I have another page done) and The memorial pattern for Rene.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Return! (and a Ribbon!)

First I want to thank all my dear friends here in the virtual stitching world for all your supportive emails and comments when I closed this blog down for a bit. I am very pleased to tell you that it's back up and running for business!

I have left my crazy job from before and start at a new and promising workplace on Monday. Doing the same thing I did (design work) but hopefully in a fun and enjoyable new environment. I can't wait to try it all out.
In and amoungst all that turmoil I have gotten more health things under control. Still medicated, still in pain sometimes but can actually manage to eat out once and awhile and went to a movie this afternoon which was sooo exciting! So things have improved for sure.

In stitchy news... I was voted VP for my local needlework guild in June and look forward to that position starting in the fall. And the biggest news.....
It's only third place (at the Western Showcase for the Calgary Stampede) but hey it's a ribbon.
So I won third place in the linen category. Here is a pic of it on display at the showcase:

Lots of other things going on. I'm stitching Halloween Rules (Lizzie Kate), got a sweet package of items I ordered from Karen at Wasatch Needleworks, and am trucking along on dragons (another page is done). I will share these things and more in the next little bit and continue on with my epic stitching chronicle for those interested in following.

The other big piece of news... for all of you who knew Rene LaFrog that we sadly lost at Christmas time. I have done a personal design (with help of a friend whose an artist) that I will be distributed for free via this blog in the next few days.
A huge thanks goes out to Evalina who stitched up the final model.
So please watch for this and perhaps we can all take a night to stitch up a memorial frog for Rene.

I'm happy to be back... however this is a twist. I have cleared out my entire blog list (I had over 400 blogs on it that I followed) and am starting fresh. So if you post here I'll add you to the following list of course, if your profile is not connected to your stitchy blog then please feel free to post it in the comments.

Thank so much everyone and looking forward to catching up and sharing more with you all soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Little Break

As many of you know I have been battling some medical issues for the last 14 months.
I have finally gotten some more stable medication and am in less pain than I have been all of last year. However, I have things to sort out, and some issues to address.

As I am not able to visit everyone's blog and comment, or even post to my own it seems, I'm going to take a bit of a hiatus. I hope to be back to this blog in a few months when I have things more sorted out and it's calmed down a bit.

I will still be stitching, and I'm in the process of designing and finishing a memorial piece (with a frog of course) for Rene. I will share the pattern as soon as I finish it up for anyone to stitch if they like.

But for the time being I want to thank all of you soooo much for your support in my stitching and personal life. It means a lot to me.
Thank you for visiting and caring about what I have to say and what I stitch on.
Hopefully I will be back soon.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PIF Giveaway

I won Meari's Pay It Forward a few weeks ago. And now need to do my own. If you're like to participate, you will get a package from me according to the rules below. And then you need to Pay It Forward yourself using the instructions below.

Here are the rules:

1. I'll send no less than 5 stitching related items per person within the next 365 days.

2. Items can be DMC, other threads, stitching needles, straight pins, buttons, scissors, ribbons, etc. - a combination of items such as 3 threads, 1 pack of straight pins and 1 pack of stitching needles or just 5 threads.

3. The items must be new and not used.

4. If you win, you must be willing to post this PIF on your blog and do the same for at least 2 people. This PIF is very simple and easy to do, so I hope you will join me.

I will "Pass It Forward" to 2 people who comment on this blog entry by Tuesday, April 4.
Just comment on this post that you'd like to be entered.

I have been still quite sick lately, but am getting a bit better, slowly. I'm at least in less pain than before so that is an improvement. I have been stitching on easy little things, and have a few starts to show you of Mill Hill, but it's been busy and I haven't had a chance to get some photos.
We're also coming into busy time at the office, so things get a bit tighter. I will post later this week (I hope) a stitchy update.

Thanks for all your well wishes on my previous post!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finish, WIP, Gift & Updates

I have one of everything to share today, a finish, a WIP pic and a gift I got! Plus I'll fill in some details on why I've been away. So let's get to it!

First up a WIP of HAED Faerie Bride. Still moving soooo slowly. A snail would be faster! But what can you do, here she is so far:

Up next, a gift from Meari! She sent this a birthday gift, it's a bit belated, but hey that's just fine. Gifts are awesome no matter what! I adore this fabric and the colours are all so me. And of course more Halloween! You can never have enough Halloween. Here's the lovely package she sent me:

Last pic of the day is a finish!!!!  This is a Mill Hill pattern that Evalina lovingly sent me at Christmas time. I have sooo enjoyed working on it and plan to do many more on perforated paper. I will still cut it out and make it into an ornament but here he is in all his glory with all the stitching and beading done:

And an update... my apologies for being not around so much lately. I have fallen ill with kidney stones. But they are not even the worst of my problems. As many of you will remember last year I had surgery, I have been plagued with many health problems since then, they started getting bad again after Christmas, but I had been hoping they would "go away". They are not just going away. :(   So I have started more aggressive drug control to try and get myself out of pain. Including a drug that is making me kinda foggy and shaky. I tried to stitch last night and was having some real problems concentrating. We believe I just have to get used to it and are hopeful that I will adjust as the drug has really helped my pain control. I'm not 100% pain free but it's soooo much better.
So forgive me if I am a bit "off" as it's the drugs talking. lol.
I will try and update more often, and yes I need to put a giveaway together. It's just been crazy with doctors, tests and some time at urgent care. But I think we're on a better path now, even though it's a medicated one. I've tried for the last year to do other things instead and it's just not helping, so western medicine wins this round.

Thank you all for your well wishes on my last post. And thanks for sticking around!!! Really appreciate all the comment. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Been Sick

Forgive me everyone I've been down and out with kidney stones that are aggravating my GI issues since gallbladder surgery last year.
Things are getting a bit better, I haven't passed the stone(s) yet but am hopeful that they are moving and today will be the day.

I do have lots of stitching updates to share, a gift I received and even a finish. But I need to feel better first.
There is still a giveaway to come. Just really late this time around b/c of all the blah issues.
I will be back promise. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here.
Thanks so much!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dragons Page Complete & Faerie Bride Update

I have an exciting update for everyone on Dragons.
But first a question to answer.

A few people asked me on my last post what the canvaswork will be. It will be a scissors holder. So it folds in half and then has a little flap. Thanks for all your encouraging and wonderful comments on it!

Up first today, Faerie Bride from HAED. She's moving really slowly. Seriously can't believe how much colour change there is in her. But here she is to date:

Alright, and onto the most exciting update for today. I finished another page of Dragons on the weekend. This is the first page finish for the year. And it's almost a whole month early! That hopefully means I am cruising along to make my goal of at least four pages complete by year end. Maybe I'll get lucky and get more done. A girl can hope.
Here is the page I finished:

And here is the piece to date:

I recently took dragons into my LNS for a stitching night and the ladies were all so complimentary. It really made me feel awesome. So a big thanks to them and to all of you who continue to make me feel like my stitching doesn't suck as much as I sometimes think it does.
Really appreciate it!!

Oh, yes and a giveaway. I know I suck. I'm working on it. Really I am.
Coming up soon, maybe before the end of the week if I get things together. Not been feeling 100% lately so a few things have fallen to the wayside. The giveaway was one of those. I promise to get on it.
There will be two packages to win as always.

Thanks for all your comments!

PS.... I'm working on something special and different that I will be sharing soon (who doesn't love a little teaser/intrigue). it will be to commemorate our dearly passed friend Rene... 

Monday, February 28, 2011

All kinds of Project Updates

Where does the time go?
I can't believe how fast February went by!

Well had my birthday and it was awesome. Got some gift cards and things for stitching/beading stuff.
Also got this amazing heart in the mail from Evalina. She is too kind and sends me so much great stuff!
Here it is:

My canvaswork is coming along. Some sections better than others. But have a few. This little piece will the top flap:

There is a mistake in the large one on the left-hand side. I haven't decided if I'm frogging it or not, for now I'm leaving it.
And this is the main body (it also folds into two).

I'm also working away at beading. I'm really pleased that I have odd-count peyote worked out. It looks so tiny here to me, it took forever just to get that much done! This one will be a gift for my sister:

And finally… the Santa from Mill Hill. Here he is with all the cross stitches done. Now just onto the beading.

I know I promised a giveaway, but it's been snowy and very cold here (-30C) so I haven't had a chance to get to the store to see about some new stuff. I do have a few things at home… so I will see if I can put together something this week.

I am close to a page finish on Dragons. Will be working that one this week.
Thanks for all your comments! I love each and everyone of them!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frog Exchange!

On my ILCS Yahoo Group we held a frog themed exchange in memory of Rene.
I received mine the other day and it's sooo pretty!
This is from Amy. I have never stitched a biscornu so it was lovely to get one that I can put on my stitching table. I just love it. And the threads to go with it are awesome and colours I adore. Can't wait to find something Halloween related to use that orange one with.
Thank you, thank you Amy!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bracelet & Gifts

Finally got a picture of my first attempt at peyote stitch. The b/f helped me out, these beads are so tiny it's impossible for my little camera to focus on them, so we had to get the big guns out. :)
So this is peyote (odd-count) stitch. I'm gonna get some more beads and make up some basic bracelets to start. But it's really easy to do actually and quite quick. I like it!

My birthday is next week, but I've already got some early gifts coming in. A HUGE thank you to Evalina who graciously gifted me with a HAED pattern I'd been dying to get. It's Swan Song. Sooo pretty!

I also did a little bit of my own pre-birthday shopping last week, got the first three in the new Lizzie Kate Halloween set called "Halloween rules". It's just too cute. The whole piece looks like this:

And since my gift from Evalina (again, I know she's awesome right!) at Christmas I am loving the perforated paper that my Santa is on. So I got these cute masks from Mill Hill also done on the paper.

More updates coming later this week with some progress pics.
Giveaway will be next week (likely closing after my birthday on the 22nd, watch for it!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Faerie Bride HAED & Wedding Sampler

I have updates of Faerie Bride and the Wedding sampler to share with you all. Forgive the bad photos. I didn't realize how bad they were until I got them on my computer. I will do better next time promise.
Here's Faerie Bride (HAED). I am hating the confetti on this one, dunno why it's different from other confetti but I really don't like it. So having to force myself to get through it. Thankfully I think I"m past the worst of it for a bit. To date:

The other piece I've worked on a lot more (and it's quick to stitch) is the Big Toe Designs Wedding Sampler for my friends. I'm liking this one alot, it's quick and easy. But it's also on a gorgeous linen with silks. This picture does not do it justice unfortuantely, but here it is regardless:

I had a breakthrough on my canvas piece that I was really struggling with last night. So an update of that coming up.
Also last weekend I taught myself to do odd-count peyote stitch, but none of my photos of the little practice bracelet turned out (all blurry) so I'll get B/F to take a pic with the fancy camera for next time. Up on the agenda is to learn even-count peyote stitch, I'm struggling with the turn around, so any tips would be appreciated!
(I know as if I needed more different crafts to do, but what can you do) :)

Teaser: My birthday is coming up near the end of Feb. So watch for another blog giveaway later this month. It will be multiple different packages to win again as that seems to be the post popular, smaller packages but more winners! :)

Happy Stitching!