Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Original Design, Castles & Broken Toe

New Project: So I have a kinda neat project to share with you. A graphic designer friend of mine is doing a project on her blog/site to try and promote creativity amoungst other designers. (for those not aware my day job is graphic design for a magazine).
So she challenged us all to create a project revolving around smoke. It could be any media or platform that we wanted. So I took a crack at it... in cross stitch. I built the font myself for the letters and worked out a design (with the help from the B/F who is also a designer) I came to a final piece.
I have started stitching it but right now only have pics of the supplies to be used... and the sketched out pattern.

Castles update: I have been working on Part 4. I am almost done it. Pics to come soon. And then it's back to Dragons stitching for me. But this was a nice little break.

My Broken Toe: I know as if there wasn't enough medical issues for me right now... yesterday on my way to the doctor to review my meds and stuff for my sphincter issue... I fell and hit the corner of my couch VERY hard... breaking/spraining my baby right foot toe. It's a nasty, nasty hit... My toe is all swollen and bruised and very gross today. I did get to my appt yesterday and then called into work and said, hey I gotta get blood tests and stuff done and then I'm going home cause I hurt my toe really bad.
Silly but true.
I can't believe how much a stupid little toe can hurt! But I have to giggle cause it's just so silly on top of all my way more serious issues. Though it is a real pain to deal with. So I'm working but elevating my toe for the time being.

Coming up: I know, I know... giveaway. I'm not meaning to tease but other things keep coming up. I will try to organize it maybe tonight or on the weekend. So do stay tuned.

Thank you for all your comments on my Castles and the linen. I did restretch the linen abit and reattach it to my scroll rods. It's a bit better. (oh and I ironed it and stuff). I'm working away at it still so I think I'm a bit happier with it.


Meari said...

Ouch! I can empathize over your baby toe. I had something similiar happen to the same toe on the same foot when I was a teenager. Sending fast healing thoughts your way!

Good luck on your smoke project. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

Carolyn NC said...

Cool design - good luck! Looking forward to seeing Castles, too. And on the toe front; did something very similar when I was in college. Dang, that thing hurt, and just about paralyzed me with walking! Because it's a toe, you get zero sympathy, too. Unless you've been there and done that, people don't get how darn painful that little rascal can be. ((hugs)) - I sympathize!! Hope you're better soon.

Emily in NC said...

Sorry about the toe, know that hurts, I broke mine vacuuming of all things (wear shoes) and felt to stupid. Can't wait to see you progress on Castles'

Ineke said...

Sorry about your toe! I hope it will feel better soon, but know by experience it can take months before you won't feel it anymore. When I walked for a long time it was there again :0(
You choose lovely colours for your new stitching project. Looking forward to see pics of it.

Silverlotus said...

Ouch! I hope your toe feels better soon. I've never managed to break or sprain anything (knock on wood), but I can just imagine how much it hurts.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your smoke project. The materials you picked look lovely.

JessB said...

That's a neat design idea. Hope your toe feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Very nice design and hope your toe heals quickly.


Anonymous said...

Very nice design and hope your toe heals quickly.


Katrien said...

I hope your toe heals quickly. Look forward to seeing part 4 of Castles

Debbie said...

Sorry about the broken one little toe can hurt so much!!

Castles is coming along great.

Love your graphic design challenge and look forward to seeing your progress.

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your little toe. Isn't it amazing that something so tiny can hurt so much.

I look forward to seeing updates on your Smoke.

EvalinaMaria said...

Honey, it happened to me also, years ago. I didn't heat the couch but the doorway while chasing my little beagle. After taking x-ray doc said: ma'am we can't do anything, wear comfortable shoes...
So I grabbed my the only remedy Swedish Bitters (you can get them in health food store), put extra emollient night cream from Mary Kay (that’s what I had handy at that time, you can use any very greasy cream, Vaseline will do also) all over my foot, moisten cloth with those bitters around the foot (top and bottom covering little toe) and plastic bag to hold it in place and prevent from drying and I left it like that for a whole night. Next morning the swellings were gone, bruises turned yellow and a week later I was wearing high heels again.

I hope that your little toe heals soon.

Maureen said...

looking forward to seeing your progress on your smoke project - liking the colourway you chose. Oh and hope your toe is better soon, they may be small but they still hurt! (speaking from experience lol...)