Tuesday, December 4, 2012


There are somewhere in the ballpark of about 200 entries into this contest!
You guys are awesome and really flatter me with your strive to win!!! :)

I need a night or two to double check everything, put the final list together (with numbers) and then run the random number generator. It will all be absolutely legit. I'll make sure my snake Cronus watches for anything fishy. And if not him then I'm sure one of the other two (who watch me write all these blog posts) will step up if needed.

So I will be back, absolutely no later than Thursday night (this week) to post the winners.

Thanks again everyone. You just make me smile with your excitement. :D


cucki said...

Hugs x

Heather said...

Well, crud, I missed out because I was on vacation and I'm only just now getting caught up on blogs. :( lol!!

It is so wonderful that you got so many entries!