Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bead Question - Mirabilia Mermaid

Well as the last few frantic days before the holidays are eating up all my stitching time I am finding myself instead spending a lot of time thinking about what to do about my Mirabilia and tackling the beading...
In the past I've done all the beads at the end of a piece and done them with the piece off my scroll rods. However, I've been told that I can do the beads on my scroll rods and should do them as I go if I want. I was told that I can put a towel in between the fabric as I roll up the scroll rods so that the beads don't crush anything or make a mess.
My question for all of you is: has anyone beaded with scroll rods still attached before? 
If yes, was it successful?

Meanwhile I did do one small row of beading just to see how high the beads are (see first pic). There are some really large (size 6) beads that I will safe to the end. I think the ones you see in this picture are 8's and there are some 11's later in the design.
This is a Mirabilia design. South Sea Mermaid. 

On luxurious 28ct Silkweaver Hand-Dyed fabric.

Seriously some of the absolute nicest fabric I have ever worked with!
It's only about half done. What you see in the picture below is most of what has been completed in stitching.

As always I appreciate any/all comments and appreciate the amazing talent and experience that you all have! I am hoping that I can do some beading as I go, at least the smaller beads as it would likely make the project more appealing near the end. I won't feel so overwhelmed with beads and when I feel like beading I can! 

For those interested my husband is still on crutches and we go back to doctor on Dec 28 for further x-rays and review to see if he can start putting weight on it and confirm it's healing properly (so no surgery needed). Here's hoping it's doing well as I am overwhelmed by doing all the chores in the house! Shoveling snow is hard!! :)


Robin in Virginia said...

Your Mermaid is lovely. You are making good progress on her. Sorry, I have no suggestions about beading as you go. Hope your husband continues to improve and will be able to start putting weight on it. Thinking of you!

Shelly said...

The stitchers on Facebook claim it works. I personally do not know. It seems like it works but maybe leave off the bigger beads until the end? Yours looks beautiful though. Hope your husband receives some good news on his ankle. Wishing you and yours a very wonderful Christmas!

Susan said...

Your mermaid looks great. I bead as I go on scroll rods. I put a double strip of quilt batting at the very top of my piece and just roll it up with the fabric. I have used towels and they do double work as the bit that hangs down covers your work so you've got a "built in" dust cover. I've never had a problem with the beads breaking or snagging stitches, but I also don't use drum tight fabric tension. I do only add my seed beads as I go, bicones, bugle beads or any other large or odd shaped ones are added after all the stitching is done. I loosen the tension waaayyy back and add them. Hope your husband continues to improve. Mine dislocated his ankle and broke his leg a number of years ago, so I know what you're going through.

Beth in IL said...

I have never done it myself as I always add my beds at the end, but Susan, from the comment above, seems to be giving good advice. Let us know what you do.

Justine said...

I always bead at the end and stitch in hand too so can't really help, but just wanted to say that this is such beautiful stitching, and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

D1-D2 said...

I have and it was not a good idea. As you roll your scroll rod over the beaded sections it will shift the beads around. Mine came out crooked. So from then on I always either bead in hand or place my piece in q-snaps the same size as the design.

Heather said...

Sorry I haven't done it either so no advice other than maybe just try it wit a few beads and see how it works? It's gorgeous so far! I'm glad to hear hubby doesn't need surgery :) I haven't shoveled snow in a few years but I remember it being a good workout lol have fun!