Monday, June 12, 2017

Book Review: The Key to Creation

 Title: The Key to Creation

Series: Terra Incognita, Book 3

Author: Kevin J. Anderson 

Genre: Epic Fantasy 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

It's hard to judge the last book in an epic trilogy such as this on its own. Because the reality is that this book stands on the shoulders of what came before. 

So let me say this first about the whole series. I loved it! 

Loved the characters, loved the religions, loved the cultures and adored the setting. Kevin J. Anderson has clearly poured his heart into this trilogy and it's magnificent. 

That said this series is not for the faint of heart... it's long and intense. There are many characters and storylines to follow that criss cross each other.

There is no way anyone can miss the parallels between Ishalem and Jerusalem; and the battle for 'whose religion is correct'. I love the way Anderson brings this debate to a close. 

Overall this last book had two flaws for me... there is a cheap-ish use of magic to hurry a situation along and even cheaper us of magic in one instance near the end. Even though it's totally within the viability of the world and magical rules it still feels cheap. But I can forgive Anderson for wanting certain things to happen at the same time. 

Endings are hard, as many of us know. They are especially hard when you have a cast of characters that people love whom if one is happy another is not. There was no possible way for everyone to be content at the end of this book. I appreciate that it's not "happily ever after" and instead some hard choices are made. Overall Anderson does give us a lot of satisfaction in where our characters end up. 

I am not a crier and yet I was slightly misty eyed as I read about the next steps in their journeys for our characters. I have come to know and love these people and all their imperfections.

I can't say much else except start at the beginning and be prepared for immersion into a realm that is built off core fantasy literature ideals, with a heaping helping of Anderson's brilliant imagination. 

Truly I thank Kevin J. Anderson for providing me with such a glorious journey I will not soon forget.

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Leonore Winterer said...

That sounds like a book/trilogy I would enjoy a lot as well...on the to-read list it goes!