Sunday, August 19, 2018

Stitching - Ducky Finish

As always the world and time are moving so fast I can barely keep up. Between travelling to my Grandmother's farm to say goodbye to it (being sold, sad), to seeing concerts, to visiting Houston, to keeping my Etsy shop up, it's been quite the summer!

The bad news of that is always that the first thing to drop is stitching and reading. So sadly I only have a teeny tiny finish to share. But at least it's something right? 
I am making some good progress on Here There Be Dragons and so I'd like to share that with you all in the next couple of weeks too. 

So if you're still following my stitching let me say thank you so much!! Because I know it's been so slow. And secondly that Alice is going to come back into high rotation in September. Because I need to put some stitches into that girl or it will take the next two decades to finish her! 

In the meantime here is a little Duck made from an old Mill Hill Perforated Paper kit. These are the kits where they were all beads and no 'thread' cross-stitching shown. 

Finally I'll leave you with the cutest damn purse I have ever owned! It is from a limited edition, Houston only, NASA themed collection by Coach. And before you think, omg how did you afford a leather purse from Coach, let me assure it's not because I can afford it. LOL! But instead because it was a whopping 80% off at an outlet store in Houston. It's like this cutey was meant to come home with me. 

Again thanks for continuing to pop-by and visit my blog that collects dust! I should have a couple good giveaways coming in the fall so maybe you'll stop by again soon. :) 


D1-D2 said...

Love the Coach bag! They never have cute ones like this in Montreal. I guess I will have to look online.

Leonore Winterer said...

Cute ducky and cute purse! Tell me all about traveling around in the summer...I am sooo tired and just ready to hibernate for a few weeks!

Robin in Virginia said...

It is always good to see a stitching (or book) post from you, Mel. I was just thinking about you the other day. Very cute bag! It sounds like you have had a busy summer. I like your beaded stitch.

Sasha said...

Love the purse! So cute!

Kaisievic said...

Wow! Your new Coach bag is amazing! Love the little duck, too.