Friday, May 21, 2010

A long update...

(forgive me this is a long post, I just have so much to share!)

We have returned from services for my Grandfather. It's an eight hour drive there and then back again of course. The service has very nice. My B/F and I made a slideshow of pictures for it, and helped to set up the hall and take down as well. I even spoke on behalf of the dozen grandchildren my Grandfather leaves behind. He will be missed.
After the service all the immediate family (22 of us! My Mom has a huge family) stood on the lawn at the farmhouse and released a balloon each that had a little note to my Grandfather (yes we know bad for the environment but it was a great goodbye, and good for my little cousins; youngest is 8).
Here is what they all looked like on the cloudy day as we released them (forgive the spots on the lens, it was raining and I'm just too lazy to photoshop them out right now:

I did get some stitching done... I have the saddest start ever. On another Sue Hillis pirate. I stitched these few stitches in the car:
It will look like this when done:
I also got some stitches into Rose Garden. I had to frog a bit (but with my pretty new frogging needle, pic to come below) which is always annoying. But here it is:

I had the most amazing mail day ever when I returned from my trip. I had FOUR packages in the mail for me!! It definitely helped cheer me up after being at the funeral.
The first was a belated birthday present from Meari. She is tooo kind!
Look at all these goodies. I especially love the scissors. AND I have Summer Unicorn so now I have Winter to go with it!
Next was a frogging needle from Lisa. It's sooo pretty. I do love it! (and it's already been put to good use):
And then two packages of items I bought through private sale for a great deal.
This is an out of print HAED. (more unicorns, gotta love it! :)  )
And the last is three patterns I was so pleased to receive:

Whew! Well that is all for now. I have some lab tests to go to later today. Bloodwork and stuff.
But my new meds are helping a bit. And I ate some chicken! I miss meat so much. It was nice to have some chicken. I think we will keep trying to integrate it back into my crappy diet.
It's a long weekend here in Canada and most of it will be spent just chilling out. I can't wait to just sit at my house and stitch and catch up on some shows. Gotta catch up on Idol before the finale next week! :)

Thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments about my Grandfather. He will be missed, but such is how it goes.
I will leave you with a great photo that the B/F took in front of the farmhouse last year of my grandparents.


EvalinaMaria said...

Nice stash! And I hope you will make a few more stitches this weekend. Thank you for sharing your grandparents photo. It's always a treasure.

Meari said...

It's great you have that photo of your grandparents. :) I love the idea of the slideshow and balloon release. Welcome back!

Glad the package arrived safely, and that you liked it. :)

Hope you get some good news with your lab tests. *crossing fingers*

Heather said...

See! I knew it! May is mail month! I've been getting quite a few deliveries this month too! I love the balloon idea - so precious and unique. Hope you have a great weekend vegging!

Heather said...

See! I knew it! May is mail month! I've been getting quite a few deliveries this month too! I love the balloon idea - so precious and unique. Hope you have a great weekend vegging!

Hazel said...

What a lovely pic of your grandparents and thanks for sharing your goodbyes. Lovely wips and stash you have there. x

LisaG said...

Wow.. some lovely stash & a great welcome home after your trip for such a sad occasion. Have a happy stitching weekend.

Shelley said...

I hope you continue to improve your health. Keeping my toes crossed that you get some answers with your bloodwork.

Great stash haul!! Love the frogging needle!

Bekca said...

I love the Winter Unicorn chart, I bet you're itching to start on it!

Nancy M said...

Nice stitching and some great memories. Love the balloon idea. Have fun with all new goodies.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the picture of your grand-parents and welcome back. Lovely stash.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, it sounds like you celebrated his life in a fantastic way!

Yup, that's a pitiful start on that Sue Hills design, LOL!

Your Rose Garden is going to be fantastic!!!

What great mail you got!

Carolyn NC said...

Great pic of your GP - so sorry about your loss.
Great stitching. :)

Joy said...

Sorry for you loss. Lovely picture of your grandparents. Nice stitching!

Vicki in CO said...

So sorry to hear about your loss.

Sure wish you'd get to feeling better; you have got to be beyond tired of that!