Monday, November 28, 2011

Mill Hill Finish & HAED Soulmates Update

I've got a few pictures to show you today of pieces that haven't been seen in forever!
First up is a Mill Hill Santa. I just adore their bead kits. They are easy to do when I am having a bad day and don't feel so great. (I don't work on HAEDs or anything too complicated then as usually I just end up frogging it all out the next day).
This little guy I finished late last week. He's one of the Southwestern ones.

With a few finishes out of the way I've been working on some really big projects that I haven't touched in forever.
Maybe some of you remember Soulmates from HAED that I kitted up last year? I barely did that's for sure. lol. I picked her up and got one of the teeny tiny 1/10 of a pages from the bottom row done. So here's what it looks like so far:
(essentially a blue blob. Not so exciting, but it's progress. Click here for a link to what it will look like.)

Winners from the giveaway your packages went in the mail last week. Please give them some time to get to you. They are all going to the US and from Canada at this time of year it takes even more forever than usual to arrive.

I hope everyone is doing well. I worked on a number of Kumihimo bracelets this weekend with some different fun fibres. I'll try and remember to take some pictures for the next update. I also picked up on the next page of Dragons, and even some of the first page of Swan Song.(one bonus to dropping my stitching guild, I now feel less pressure to do group projects and things and can go back to stitching all the things I want to stitch! I think that will mean some serious progress on my HAEDs and dragons.)

Thank you so much for all your comments I really appreciate them!


Shelley said...

Love the Mill Hill kit!!
Happy to see you pick up a UFO :)

Denise SA said...

I think that blue blob is going to turn into a very nice piece .I adore dragons.

Nancy M said...

I did one of the MH SW Santas and they are fun to work on. Any progress is less stitches to do on a HAED.

Kate said...

Cute santa. You can't rush a HAED!

Emily in NC said...

Love that Santa, have several in my stash.

Anne Sans Tete said...

Cute finish!!!

- Lisa N. in Cambodia

chrisstitches said...

Very interesting to see the variances in our work.
Progress is progress
You can do it!

Bekca said...

I really enjoy Mill Hill kits too, they're very festive. Keep up the fab stitching!

Amy said...

That is a cute little kit!

Katrien said...

Love the Mill Hill!

Pumpkin said...

These little kits are so much fun! Great job Mel!

SnowySticher said...

lovely snowman,don't mention HAED I haven't seen mine in 3 years