Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Stitching: New Start & DMC Colours

It looks like DMC finally caught up in getting LNS' their new colour tins! (Only took them 6 months... they seem to always under estimate the frenzy of us stitchers for new colours and fancy tins. Lol) 
For those who haven't seen the new colours yet, let me just say they are gorgeous! And I may keep one set in this pretty tin just to have for reference (as of course now my thread book is out of date with these colours). I'm dying to use the peach/oranges and greens so might actually design a little flower pot to stitch to use some of them. We will see if my ambition to use them matches my prioritization of time. They did come with a little flower pattern but it's nothing special in my opinion. 

DMC did get smart on packaging to ensure they showed up in order and pretty the labels are affixed with double sided tape to a plastic sleeve (see above photo). A gutsy call, if the tape stuck to threads it could be disastrous but mine appear all okay. And I may keep them this way and get another set to use. 
I could just stare at them all day! How sad is that? 

New Start 
I gave in to the startitis and got one of my new SALs underway. It's from a U.K. shop called Lakeside Needlecraft that I had not used before. Even with exchange and shipping to Canada this was still a very affordable project because of the way they liked it. 
This is their bands Sampler SAL. 12 bands (6 are released) in variegated colours. They used DMC variegation thread which I was very curious about. So far I really like it. 
If you visit their site mine is the autumn colourway. 
Here's the first band so far: 

I'm really enjoying the pattern and always love the challenge of variegated colours to get somewhat seamless changes in threads. 
However I've got it on a 40 ct Lambswool linen. Not sure who it's from but it's not all that great. Very stiff and the linen is a bit wonky to deal with. But I'll keep it going as it's a good challenge. 

- Im going to finish the band above and then swap back to Alice to get her page finish in before end of March hopefully. 
- I've also got some work into Here there be Monsters and will show that off soon. 
- Plus: its Nashville Needlemarket in two weeks and so many great designs are coming out! So far my fave is an Ink Circles. I'll share what I'm preordering next week (once I've figured it out, lol) 

Thanks for popping by and happy stitching! 


Clare said...

I too have this tin,purchased before Christmas but have as yet to use. Beautiful colours.Happy Stitching.

Meari said...

Ohhhhh, pretties! I think most of DMC's sets come with double sided tape. I've never had a problem with it stuck to the floss, so it's good. Nice start... looking forward to seeing the progress, and upcoming projects with the new floss. I'm holding off on getting them until I actually need them. Way too much stash!

Robin in Virginia said...

You are off to a good start on your band sampler. I look forward to seeing more if it, Mel. What lush new DMC colors!

deb said...

Oh, they look SO VERY PRETTY in the tin! I just bought them from open stock (too impatient to wait) so mine came stuffed into a ziploc bag.

The band sampler SAL looks like it will be fun. I should try one of these someday. When I don't already have a monster big project going (ha!).

Leonore Winterer said...

The new DMC colours are so pretty! My friend Magical has designed two small patterns using them, if you want to take a look:

I love Lakeside :) They are so fast and have great service, plus reasonable prices. I'm not surprised at all there non-EU international service is just as brilliant!

Bekca said...

I've been holding off on the new tin, but I don't think I'll last much longer! Great new start, I look forward to watching it grow :)

Kaisievic said...

I do so love the new DMC colours. Love your beaded Small.