Monday, May 14, 2018

Stitching: Almost there Dragons

I’m soooo close to being done the Birthstone Dragons. Or at least done with the stitching part. I haven’t yet decided on actual gems or stones for this piece. I didn’t stitch in stones (and reworked all but one square) so that they don’t need them. But I’m still contemplating what to do. 
So here’s the last photo before finishing ones of the 12 Dragons (and I’m only 5 months after the SAL ended, which is sadly a good showing for me. Lol!!) 
My wicked witch helps keep these mythical beauties in line. :) 

This beauty should be done by end of next weekend I hope! Although it is nice here (finally) and gardening (ugh) must be done too. 

In other news: I’ve just started playing around with Instagram for my Etsy shop and it’s got me thinking about stitching photos. I seem to find myself often gravitating to angled close-ups as it shows some of the intricacies and details that a normal shot might not. 
I am interested in your thoughts on photos! 

Specific to stitching photos: do you prefer angled/artisty pictures, fun filters added or just straight up photos of stitching? 

Please share in comments or you can email me direct at epicstitching[at]gmail[dot]com. 
Looking forward to opinions and thoughts! 


Tiffstitch said...

Nice work! And you'll get there soon. I didn't finish 2 of the SALs I started last year, which is typical of me. :) I like angled photos to show details as well as full photos of everything.

Tammy said...

All your new patterns are so pretty! I like doing an overall shot, and some closeups as well. I think people (at least me) like looking at the details sometimes.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good work on the almost finished dragon piece! I like photos of any kind.

Shelly said...

I like straight photos and the angled like what you did above but close up. Dragons is looking good!

deb said...

The dragons are looking good! Re photos - I do like to see straight-on overall pictures, but angled close shots add so much when you can see details better (for certain stitches, or for metallics or beading). Yes, I'm greedy - I want both! :)

Leonore Winterer said...

Goal stretch! How exciting to be close to a finish on a long running projects.
I love those artistically angeled shots, but when I try them, they always turn out blurry. I do like overall progress shots as well, though!