Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stitching: Dragon Finish!

I've completed last years SAL! Only six months behind which is, sadly, pretty good for me. 

This piece was fun as the colour schemes were known in advance (so you could collect DMC colours) but the type of dragon and pose were not. I think my two favourites are the sleeping dragon and the snake-like dragon (middle bottom row). In fact the snake-like dragon kind of looks like one of our pet snakes! 

Birthstone Dragons
SAL from Ingleside Imaginarium
For sale on Etsy: https://tinyurl.com/y94sy7zw
On 40 count R&R Reproductions Linen
Dragons done with DMC Floss
Border done with 'Sable' by Gentle Art Sampler

All birthstones omitted by design. I may add some stones or jewels to this at a later date but for now I like my dragons just as they are. That does; however, leave the green (tiny dragon in middle) appear to be an acrobat as he 'stands' on his tail. 

This finish should have opened the door for a new start but I'm holding back and going to catch up on my other two SALs and my husband is bugging me about poor neglected Alice. So I guess its time she went back into the rotation! 

Happy Stitching!


Sandra B. said...

Oh! They are very pretty.

Shelly said...

Gorgeous! Better late than never, I say. Congrats!

Robin in Virginia said...

Mel, congratulations on your dragon SAL finish! I like the sleeping dragon; so sweet. Well done!

Tiffstitch said...

Hooray!! Great finish and love the colours on that last one.

Meri said...

So pretty!! You can be proud, great work :)

Anonymous said...

Great finish! Do you have corn snakes? I have two and the dragon you mentioned reminds me of his markings. :)

Rita said...

Just beautiful!

deb said...

Congratulations on your finish - your dragons look fantastic!!

Leonore Winterer said...

Great finish! I love the dragons, the sleeping one is very cute and I like the little acrobat as well.