Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SFS2015-A: January Reports for Participants

A few quick SFS2015 clarifications: 
- Shipping does not count in budget
- HAED page finishes or 100% stitching is now worth $15 for 100 x 70. 
- No more emails for reporting. Just link to your blog post below.
- Only stitching from Jan 1, 2015 forward can be counted for credit.
- Stitching carries forward. Don't worry about counting every stitch in a month; you can carry forward your stitching and count the finish in a different month!

The timeline for January (for email participants) is Jan 21 - 28. 
Please use the link provided via email to send an automated email to from your computer or smart device. 

This link list to report for January (for bloggers) will remain open from Jan 21 - 28.
Please ensure your SFS post is at the top of your blog and adheres at minimum to this basic template:
Month: (the month you're reporting in for!)
Spent: (the amount you spent from your budget)
Earned: (put the amount earned from finishes that month!)

Of course we want pictures and more information if you'd like!! This is merely the minimum requirement for reporting. Please ensure you link to the exact SFS post on your blog and not your general blog page. 

Blogger Reporting for January SFS2015-A: 

Issues, concerns, confused, etc?  
Please feel free to leave a comment here and I will respond via email or comment back if you don't have an email connected to your blogger profile. 
Email me (Mel) direct at


Esmeralda said...

Hi Mel
Do you or the volunteers leave a message behind if they have seen our sfs reports

Rahenna said...

Hi Esmerelda - I'm not Mel, but I can answer! The volunteers aren't leaving messages behind, but as of right now, everyone's report has been logged (links 1-45 in the list above). :)